Bamboo Tiki Torches

Bamboo tiki torches add style and fun to a party setting

Having an outdoor party? Consider adding bamboo tiki torches to the decor mix. These fun, inexpensive items can not only add lighting, but add to a fun outdoor atmosphere.

Bamboo tiki torches are sold in a variety of places, from home improvement stores to stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Usually found in the garden section, they are decorative bamboo poles about 5 feet tall. They contain a fuel reservoir on the top and a wick. When lit, these tropical torches can add subtle lighting to a walkway, the pool area, the garden or your patio.

Many Uses

Although bamboo tiki torches add a tropical touch to your party setting, they are often used for kids' evening pool parties and outdoor dinner parties as well. It's a fun way to provide lighting for walkways and sets a mood somewhat different than simply turning on your house lights. Many people find they like to use the bamboo tiki torches and strings of white lights to add soft, temporary lighting to their outdoor party setting.

To use a bamboo tiki torch, you simply insert the stalk of the torch into the ground. Because the fuel reservoir is at the top of the torches, they are top heavy and can tip over if conditions are windy or someone accidentally knocks one over. To be safe, then, it's recommended you first insert a 10 to 12" piece of PVC into the ground, then insert the bamboo tiki torch stalk into the PVC glove to provide extra stability.

Because bamboo tiki torches are inexpensive, you can buy just a couple or many depending on your needs. They can generally be purchased for about $5 each. The tiki fuel is also inexpensive and can be purchased wherever the bamboo tiki torches are sold. It's also recommended that users of tiki torches keep an up-to-date fire extinguisher nearby in case of accident.

If you're planning an indoor tropical themed party and wish you could add some fun touches, consider placing your unlit bamboo tiki torches inside. This is a popular and fun way to bring the outdoors in, especially if the weather didn't cooperate for your outdoor pool or barbecue party.

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