Bar Furnishing Ideas

Now that you have got the room you've always wanted, with a bar, you are stumped when it comes to bar furnishing ideas. Well, take a look at a few of these and see if perhaps one of them strikes your fancy!

The Tropical Paradise

Looking for a place to escape far from the madding crowd (don't you always want to say maddENing there?) right in your own home? With a few Polynesian bar furnishing ideas, you can! Probably one of the most popular bar furnishing themes, you can do this one fairly easily and inexpensively.

Hang a length of bamboo fencing across the front of your bar. This comes in three-foot heights, but you can cut it to fit whatever height your bar is. Simply staple it across and voila! instant tropical appeal! Bamboo fencing can be found for between $50 and $70 a roll at Brookstone (, Smith and Hawken (, and other online retailers.

But that's only the beginning. You can also add bamboo or rattan barstools for a bit of that South Pacific panache you're craving. Furniture Central sells them for as low as $89.

And what about tiki torches? No, we don't mean you should burn real flames in your home without proper ventilation, but you can replace the oil that's regularly used with a product like Gelflame. It's odor-free, smokeless, and lasts up to three hours per 13-ounce can. If you can't find Gelflame at your local garden center, you can find it online at

The Cowboy Bar

With country music being one of the most popular genres around, chances are that you're an aficionado, too. Why not take the theme into your new bar area? You can decorate with western-style lamps on the bar counter and on and around tables (floor lamps) and even as a hanging light fixture. To find some terrific western-themed lighting go to

Western art hung behind the bar adds even more to your cowboy theme. Framed or unframed posters, canvasses, tapestries, or other wall decor brings helps bring the flavor of both the old and the new West as part of your bar furnishing ideas. A good place to go to find inexpensive wall art is at

The Neighborhood Bar

You may want to stick with what you know best, the neighborhood bar look. For bar furnishing ideas that click with this theme, you'll want to stay middle of the road, as far as decorating. A neon sign over the bar adds an authentic touch, and you can find just about whatever you want in the way of neon at

You'll also want a big clock so visitors will know when it's “closing time" and the folks at are sure to be able to fill the bill in that respect. Low lighting and soft music add even more ambience for the feeling of a neighborhood bar.

Bar furnishing ideas extend as far as you allow your imagination to take you, so let yours go! Choose a theme you know you'l be able to relax with and don't feel you can't change your mind. It's your bar and now's the time to enjoy it.

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