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Bar Stool Tips

Many homeowners are looking to the bar stool for decorating ideas. The days of the furniture only (wood only) bar stool has passed. Today’s consumer is looking for a bar stool that will look good in every room of the house.

The bar stool today comes in many forms. Metal, wood, aluminum, metal and wood combos, and traditional swivel wood bar stool.

To Upholster or Not

An upholstered bar stool is an advantage over most of the other bar stools on the market today. The reason for this is it will not stand out if placed next to your living room furniture. It will give you extra seating for parties or the unexpected visitor and yet will not clash with the current living room decor.

Another aspect of the upholstered bar stool is you can chose a unique look. Standard bar stools look good where they were intended but get them out of that area and they will look out of place most of the time. With an upholstered bar stool it will look good at the bar in the den, the game room, or at the coffee counter in your kitchen. They then give you the added convenience of looking good in any other environment that you may find a need for it at.

Another aspect of choosing an upholstered bar stool is taste. When a certain mood is over you can change the mood of the bar stool. You can do this simply by reupholstering the old bar stool with a look that fits the new you. By picking a neutral wood or metal frame color you can switch moods many times thru out the life time of the bar stool.


Now the obvious downside of an upholstered bar stool is the stains that will happen. You are bound to experience accidents. To counter this make sure you pick a fabric that is stain resistant or use a stain guard.

When you are ready to buy a bar stool you will be faced with three options. You can buy online, in a store or with a catalog. Each has an advantage and disadvantage.

Buying from a store you can actually sit and feel the bar stool prior to purchasing. This gives you a true picture of the craftsmanship, and quality. But to do it this way you need to go to each store, you may visit several and not find one that appeals to you. You will have to deal with traffic, gas prices, and salesman.

To purchase your bar stool thru a catalog it will be very convenient for you and it will be well organized so you can go directly to the type that is of interest. But when you purchase thru a catalog you may miss out on any discounts or special deals you may have at a store. Also if you were considering maybe a used set you will not find that in a catalog.

Finally you can look for a bar stool set online. This will offer you the convenience of looking from home, the selection is vast. Also you would be able to look for a used set thru the many auction sites that are on the internet. The fact that competition is great on the internet equals some terrific buys.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a new bar stool set, the place for the best value and selection would be at home in front of your computer.

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