Decorating a Basement Apartment

There are so many people these days that have to live in a basement setting. If you have a living space that is below ground, there are some great decorating ideas that you could use in order to begin decorating a basement apartment. These are also great tips for those who are looking to rent out a basement apartment and want it to look perfect for potential tenants.

Combating the Low Ceiling

Many basement apartments will have a lower ceiling than most regular apartments. While not really functional for tall people, even shorter people can feel like they are shrinking when they live in a basement apartment. If you want the space to look larger, avoid dark colors in a lot of your decoration.

Leave all the dark colors for accents around the room instead of the walls or the furniture. Then again, if you want to feel really cozy and warm, you can turn that low ceiling into an advantage. Using darker colors will close the space in, making it more intimate.

Light Issues

When you are working with a basement apartment, you will soon realize that light will be a major issue. Even with a lot of windows, natural light will not be as available in a basement as it is on any other level of the house. To maximize the light in the room, accent your windows in ways that will capture the light, not block it.

Use sheer, light colored curtains and make the windows one of the room’s focal points. Additional lighting in the darker corners of the basement will also help bring in more light.

Dark, Dank, and Cold

To get rid of the basement feeling in your apartment, you will want to add warmth to the place. Any unsightly basement features, such as the laundry room or the furnace should be hidden behind a decorative screen or curtain. Rugs will be a nice asset instead of the cement floor or cheap basement carpeting. Candles are also a great feature that will ad not only warmth, but more light as well.

The Right Stuff

Your furniture should represent your style, but avoid using basement furniture. If you are still using your parent’s old couch, throw it out and get a sleek, modern couch design that will compliment your taste as well as bringing the room together without making it look like a basement.

Bring In Life

Plants are a great way to bring some life into the space. If you are worried about your plants getting sunlight, make sure that you set them near one of the windows, but do not let them get in the way of the light coming in.

Thinking Creatively

If there are elements of the basement apartment that cannot be helped, work with what you’ve got. Find new ways to either cover up things that you don’t want to see, or find ways to decorate it so that it doesn’t look at all like what it is. For basement apartment decoration, thinking outside of the box will help you to get the most out of your design.

A basement apartment is not a design death sentence. You can turn a dark, cold living space into something that is bright, airy and truly your own.