Basement Apartment Ideas

A basement apartment is a wonderful transformation to any home. There are some very affordable ways that you can transform a basement into a cozy and inviting apartment living area. When transforming a basement area to an apartment it is important to keep a few decorating tips in mind to create the ideal apartment living space.

Color Adds to the Area

Do not be afraid to use color in basement apartments. Too often these areas are drab and do not feel cozy and inviting. Light colors can make the area seem larger. You can use light colored walls, floral print window coverings and brightly colored throw rugs to enlarge the area and keep it lively.

A very inexpensive way to add color to the area is with container plants. If you do not have a green thumb consider adding faux plants to the area since
they will not have to maintained and cared for.

Blooming plants are ideal because they have color in the blooms. There are even different types of herbs that give a light fragrance and have beautiful blooms on them year round for you to enjoy.

Create Separate Sections

Create separate sections in the basement for different activities. One section should be for resting and another for watching television or entertaining. A third section can be for grooming.

You can divide the sections with light colored privacy screens, draping curtain dividers or even with earth tone beaded curtains. Separate sections for doing different activities will not only offer privacy but enable you to feel as though you are in an actual apartment instead of one big room.

Dividers will reduce the cost of transforming the basement and can be removed if the basement is later used for a different purpose instead of putting up walling.


Mirrors are an excellent addition to basement apartment walls. A large mirror or even a mosaic mirror will open up the living area. Mirrors can be decorated on the edges with colorful decals or even glass paint.

Many people enjoy mirrors in the section of the room that is for entertainment and activities. The mirrors make the room seem larger than it is and opens up the room a great deal.

Free Standing Bar

One fun thing to add to the basement apartment is a free standing bar. You can place this parallel to one of the walls in the entertainment area of the apartment. Put mirrors on that wall and have comfortable bar stool chairs with backs and foot rests.

This is a great place to sit and chat with people on the computer. You can also place a small microwave and mini-fridge in the area for small meals that can be eaten at the bar.

Faux Fire Place and Mantel

In the main area of the apartment if there is wall space a faux fire place and mantel creates a cozy atmosphere. You can place your television, stereo and even computer in the area. Add a few bean bag chairs that are in earth tone colors with a matching area rug to create a cozy area to relax and visit with company.

Key Elements

The key elements to an inviting basement apartment are that the area feels inviting and useful. Divide the basement into sections and use dividers to offer privacy and a sense of being in multiple rooms.

Bright colors will liven up the room. Earth tones will give the section of the room a cozy feel to it. The area needs to be functional but not drab and boring. Basement apartments are a wonderful use for this area of your home and can be very beautiful.