Basement Bathroom Plumbing

Basement bathroom plumbing calls for substantial experience and skill. It is recommended to hire the services of a plumbing contractor for carrying out this plumbing work. Existing floors may need to be torn out and in the process, drainpipes may be broken if adequate care is not taken.

Basement bathroom plumbing procedure

Some concrete may need to be removed for installing basement plumbing. The fixtures required for setting up basement bathroom plumbing - bathtub, one-piece shower unit etc. may not be easily obtainable. Special effort needs to be made to obtain them.

Frequently the concrete of the basement must be torn into. Marks are made on the surface along demarcations then concrete is chipped away usually with a jack hammer. Dust and debris has to be cleaned away and new plumbing pipes are fastened to the original system. After completion the new setup has to be covered up with concrete.

Basement Sump Pumps

Another procedure of basement bathroom plumbing is the installation of a plastic sump beneath the basement floor. A sewage ejector pump or lift pump is used to pump out the waste as the sump becomes full. The pumps have devices to grind solids. In case the pump fails, the toilet will not be draining properly.

There may be some houses where the building drain lies below the basement level. So, no pump is needed. A plumber can help in this regard by providing various estimates of drain line locations and plumbing setup plans.

Again, there may be homes where the main drain lies at floor level. To help out in such cases you may build a false floor for the bathroom. Of course your ceiling needs to be high enough in such case. The false floor erection would ensure that the fixtures are higher than the sewer line. This will do away with the necessity of installing a sewage ejector pumping unit.

Basement bathroom plumbing is a specialized plumbing setup, so care needs to be taken while proceeding with the installation, maintenance and repair or replacement of the basement bathroom plumbing system.

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