Basement Casement Windows

Basements have traditionally been viewed as lightless spaces that are simply used to store unwanted items that have no place anywhere else in a home. However, the trend of renovating your home to get the best out of all space has opened up a whole new world of basement activity.

Basements are now being used as games rooms, fitness centres, bedrooms and studies, amongst other things, and so have different structural needs than they have ever had before. A source of light is now high on the individual homeowner’s wanted list, and basement casement windows fit the bill!

Basement casement windows are the type of window that fully opens by pushing a handle. Lift the latch and push is the action required to open them. They are popular in housing circles anyway but are perfect for basement locations because they can be opened to allow light and air into the space. They are also easy to maintain because you only have to oil the jamb once every few months to keep it working smoothly.

Your Casement Choices

Traditional casement windows open outwards for ease of use, but in a more confined space it is necessary to alter them to fit their intended purpose. In basements, casement windows may be tailored to open inwards. This allows more air to circulate in less time, thus allowing the space to become brighter and lighter. If you do prefer the more traditional approach then basement casement windows that open outwards can be employed.

Whatever design of basement casement window you decide to use, they are literally made in all shapes and sizes and can be made to fit any space. It is advisable though that renovated and designed basements have more than one window.

The space for openings is often quite small and thus two or three smaller windows can be placed strategically around the basement to increase the light coverage in the room. One larger window may not have the same illuminating effect and thus may make the room appear a lot smaller than it actually is.

Features Of Inward Basement Casement Windows

Basement casement windows that open inward have specific features that outward opening basement casement windows do not tend to have. It is recognised within the window manufacturing industry that inward opening windows can provide a safety and security dilemma.

As a result, multi-lock positions are standard, as is restrictor stay technology. Both of these features ensure that the window will not be blown inward by the wind, nor will anyone be able to force them open. This last fact is especially appropriate considering a basement in perhaps the most vulnerable part of any home.

If you are renovating your home and plan to utilize any basement space that you do have then you should definitely consider having basement casement windows fitted. Every room needs a natural source of light, but the exceptional and unique features of casement windows that open inwards make them a necessary item for consideration.

The frames are easy to install because they can be measured to fit smaller spaces and their versatility is second to none. These two facts make it possible to plan the entire finished room around the light source, which is essentially what you look for in any basement renovation. With functionality and versatility on your side, you can concentrate on the rest of the room with fewer worries.

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