Basement Ceiling Ideas

Wood Finished Basement SoffitsWhen working with a basement, most people want to have a warm, cozy feeling instead of the stark cold look that is present in an unfinished basement. There are many basement ceiling ideas that are great ways to finish the basement and make sure it is a warm, inviting area for whatever use you have for your basement.

There are two different types of basement ceilings that can be installed. However, you can decorate and add to these to make them look more like just another room in your home. When choosing a basement ceiling you can decide on either a suspended ceiling or dry walled ceiling.

A suspended basement ceiling looks a bit more commercial but also offers some advantages. The tiles can help obstruct noise levels which can be helpful when using a basement for working. It also allows access to the top of the ceiling in a much more convenient way. If you have pipes or wires that run along the top of your ceiling which you may need access to, a suspended ceiling may be the way to go.

Basement ceiling ideas for suspended ceilings include painting and using different tiles. While the tiles that you can purchase are generally plain looking and the frame work from which you hang it is usually a solid, dull color, you can add paint to these and add some spark to the room.

Painted CeilingAnother idea for a basement ceiling is to use contrasting or complimenting colors in a painted ceiling mural. There are decoratiers and artists that specialize in hand painted murals; if you can find one whose work you like, they can help brighten up a finished basement.

You can even add color on the tiles and frame opf a suspended ceiling. For example, you can use a solid black color for the frame and a taupe to paint the ceiling tiles which will create an elegant look. If you are very artistic or want a more fun look in your basement you can even do multiple colors in the tiles for a patchwork design.

Another one of the great basement ceiling ideas is to draw out the ceiling on a piece of graph paper. Then color the paper in a nice pattern or design. You can then number each of the tiles and paint them accordingly. When you are done with one of these basement ceiling ideas, you will have an attractive ceiling with complete access to what is above it.

Dry walling the ceiling is another of the basement ceiling ideas that lends itself to many more options in decorating. However, it is a lot of hard work and labor that requires some equipment rental as well as another person to assist. The advantage, though, is that you will have a cozier, warmer space.

It is also much easier to finish and decorate a dry walled ceiling once it is installed. If you will need access to wires or pipes running along the ceiling you will need to either incorporate them into the design or create an access to it.

If you decide that drywall is one of the basement ceiling ideas for you, you will need to either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Once it is installed, though, there a number of things you can do with it. Texturing is always an option and you may want to use a texture that coincides with the rest of the house. You can also use trim and decorative tiles to accent the ceiling. Always make sure to paint the ceiling in whatever color you want for a completely finished look.

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