Basement Decorating

basement decorating ideaBasement decorating is considered the most difficult and challenging home & decor project, as in most of the cases, the basement space is not actually used. This space of the house usually ends up being a storage space, with no appealing atmosphere or design. You can change this by deciding to use your efforts, creativity and imagination in your basement decorating process.

How Can I Embellish My Basement?

If the look of your basement is uninviting, dark and unpleasant, it is in your power to change it. There are several ideas that can help you create a welcoming space and enjoy the basement decorating process. One appealing idea is transforming the rough elements of the basement in rustic decorative elements. In this way, the weak elements of this space are transformed in powerful elements, full of significance.

Even the low ceiling or support columns can look appealing if using them properly. The natural materials used for this remodeling project, like stone or wood, will change the entire perspective of space. The basement will look almost as a cabin if enough rustic elements are included, but basically, the combination of stone and wood can have tremendous effects upon the entire look of the basement.

The general purpose of the basement decorating should be established in the first place. If you need a playroom for children or a media room, then the atmosphere and used colors will be obviously different. However, many people choose light nuances, combined with strong rustic colors or contemporary shades. The illumination will be also chosen depending on the purpose of the remodeling project.

In the case the rustic style is not your favorite one, you can choose the modern or contemporary one, characterized by simplicity, versatility and functionality. The used colors can be bold, daring, even in the case of the used furniture. In this way, the basement will be transformed either in a kitchen, media room or play room for your children. The vividness of this space after the basement decorating process will be so obvious, that you’ll completely forget about the previous gloomy atmosphere.

What Accessories Should I Use?

If you have chosen the rustic appearance, then the same rustic wall clocks, be it the case of natural stone or wood, rustic sculptures and other decorative objects should be used. The combination of contemporary and southwestern accessories has great effects if added in style.

Accessories are chosen depending on the existent furniture style, but southwestern rug or decorative curtains do look great even in a space with minimal furniture. The basement decorating process is not complete if not adding necessary accessories as accent objects, either contrasting with the entire setting or completing it.

The light plays a very important role in the basement decorating process. Rustic chandeliers are great for enhancing the rustic ambiance, while the minimal style lighting devices will bring more illumination, pointing out the corners and the attractions of the space.

In the case of a modern design, some corners or spaces of the created room should be left in semi darkness or obscurity, so that the focal point can be well shaped and illuminated. This game of light and shadows is used successfully in the modern interior design with great illuminated products.

In the case of a play room for children, the accessories are not so important. Nevertheless, well chosen colors and toys or playing equipment are able to change the entire look of the room. The chosen light products, pictures or photographs also play an important role in completing the basement decorating process.

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