Basement Design Ideas

basement design ideasYour basement is an unused space, with a gloomy aspect and you do not know what to do about it. Some creative basement design ideas will help you find the right solution for your unused space in the basement. Most of the popular basement design ideas have as a main purpose the total transformation of your basement, giving you the opportunity of using this space with style.

Useful Suggestions for Your Remodeling Project

The first suggestion before choosing the colors is being sure enough that you have proper heating in the basement, for the comfort of the people who spend time there. Therefore, one of the basement design ideas suggests you choosing the proper heating source for this space, be it the case of a floor warming system, fireplace or wood burning stove. This is the choice that determines the next step. If you choose the rustic fireplace as a heating source, then the entire design of the basement will be rustic.

Another useful suggestion of the popular basement design ideas is figuring out whether the present posts and columns are needed in your space. Some of the posts should be removed; others could be transformed in architectural columns. Some new walls are to be designed if the presence of the columns is not necessary. In this way, the posts and columns are successfully concealed.

Some horizontal design elements should be used, in order to create the impression of longer and wider space. According to the basement design ideas, these horizontal design elements will be in the desirable style, depending on the purpose of the created room.

Suggestions Regarding the Used Colors

Basement design ideas point out the suggestion of using bright colors for the walls, furniture and accessories. Vividness will be the main characteristic of the new basement, due to the various shades and nuances of white, blue, green, orange and yellow. There is no need of using all these colors, but using contrastive nuances or complementary colors is a great idea to put in practice.

Light colors are to be used in cases of too gloomy basements. In this way, basement design ideas highlight the necessity of changing entirely the look of this space, while maximizing the lighting and contributing to the creation of a new atmosphere. Colorful rugs have to be used in order to add texture and new designs. Artwork will also contribute to a playful game of nuances and bright colors, changing the entire look.

Other Tips for Basement Remodeling Project

The maximization of the window area is highly recommended in the case of basement remodeling project for several reasons. More daylight will be necessary according to the basement design ideas and also for an emergency escape. More artificial lighting should be also present in the basement, especially if the future room will be a play room for children or teenagers. Their world should be lighted properly.

Use some of this tricks that are recommended by the most efficient basement design ideas, in order to obtain the perception of a higher room. For example, order shorter doors, so that the impression of taller room will characterize the space.

Another useful bit of advice concerns the way you hang pictures on the wall. If you will hang them lower than usual, then the same impression will be easily obtained. A fireplace of not so generous dimensions, especially a shorter and wider one, will contribute to the same space perception.

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