Basement Finishing On A Budget

Redecorating your home can be a costly pastime, even if it is only painting or repapering the walls. However, if you choose to renovate a whole room or even use an empty space to create something from scratch it can seriously eat into your savings. The key to these types of alterations is sticking to a tight budget and designating a set amount for each element of the work.

If it means finishing the job or leaving a task half done, then that will motivate you to keep well within your means. Basement finishing on a budget is just one example of the kind of work mentions, and this is your guide to finishing the job and remaining in the black.

First Things First

After you have taken care of the important tasks like waterproofing the basement, clearing out the junk and disposing of any unwanted problems that may lurk down there, like mouldy old carpet for example, you can start planning your basement finishing on a budget.

Put every idea you have down on paper. If you write down every idea you have then you may find some can be used in conjunction with others. This can be an effective way of deciding what you truly want to do with it.

Quote, Unquote

When you have an idea about the direction of your basement finishing on a budget, measure the dimensions of the room and plan out exactly where you want everything to go. When you have a basic plan in place, get quotes for the materials you think you will need. Eliminating more expensive features will help you stick to your budget, especially if you decide to recycle furniture and décor to brighten the place up.

Basement finishing on a budget is all about adapting your existing wants to suit what you can afford. Switching some more expensive wants for similar but cheaper items will reach a happy medium for you because you will get what you want without hurting your pocket.

For example, try painting the walls in patterns and adorning them with family pictures instead of buying expensive wallpaper, or purchase cheaper laminate or snap together flooring instead of tiling it. Both of these tips will save you money and allow you to spend it on that pool table you wanted as a focal point!

The Work Begins

Before actually moving anything into your basement, check that all of the fixtures and fittings are in good working order. You may want to enlist the help of an electrician friend to help you, but it is quite easy following the written word when checking if everything is safe.

Basement finishing on a budget obviously allows for –professionals if you feel that you need their help, but why not give it a try yourself? You would be learning a useful skill as well as transforming your space.

Reupholstering sofas and painting cabinets to change their appearance can save you money but yet provide something new so your basement finishing on a budget stays within acceptable parameters. These ideas cost very little to implement but can be extremely effective because they put your personal touch on the room.

The Finishing Touches

When your basement finishing on a budget is complete, remember to use water sealer on any surface that could possibly harbour moisture, especially if there has previously been a problem with that in the past. As soon as that is done, bring all of your smaller items down to the basement, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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