Basement Floor Ideas

If you are planning to finish your basement, chances are that you are also desperately searching for wonderful basement floor ideas. The good news is that when it comes to basements and modern flooring you have more options today than ever before from which to choose. The bad news is that while you have plenty of options they are not all created equal.

First things First

When it comes to basement water is the largest culprit and the primary reasons for many of the restrictions you will find when it comes to flooring. If your basement stays dry regardless of weather, count yourself among the fortunate.

Most of us have experienced moisture in our basements at one point or another and as a result must consider that when selecting flooring and choose flooring types that are not extremely vulnerable to moisture and the effects it can have.

Once you have established the vulnerability of your basement to water you can move on to the more enjoyable aspects when it comes to basement floor ideas. I personally would rather not risk my investment of time and money by selecting a flooring option that would be vulnerable to the effects of water. There are never guarantees that you won't develop sudden water problems at any given time in your basement.

What Type of Flooring is Best?

For this reason one of my favorite basement floor ideas is cork. This is a surprisingly versatile style of flooring that is comfortable to walk on, easy to care for, and amazingly resilient to the affects of water and humidity and just about anything else you can throw its way.

Even better, cork is a very inexpensive flooring option that is elegant enough to have been used in many of the hallowed halls of our nation. The fact that this floor is still in many of these buildings should also speak volumes about its durability. Cork is not for everyone and that is perfectly understandable. The good news is that there are other viable options for your basement floor.

While sorting through the many basement floor ideas you will read about along the way you may want to consider the value of the peel and stick carpet squares. While carpet would not ordinarily be my first choice for a basement if your basement only gets a little water or the water you get is in a very specific area is it quite possible that you can have several extra carpet tiles that can be changed out when needed or you can simply leave the areas that are vulnerable to water damage uncovered by the carpet. For those who love carpet this is an option that is worthy of consideration.

If you would like a more formal atmosphere in your basement or even if you are merely seeking basement floor ideas that would make your basement floors fairly impervious to the damage water can bring, ceramic tile is a wonderful option for most basements. It is easy to clean and when properly installed will last for a very long time.

Ceramic is always a good choice for rooms that will face a great deal of exposure to water or humidity and basements are rooms that are often vulnerable to both (particularly if you have your laundry in your basement). Regardless of which type of floor you choose for your basement the above basement floor ideas are a great place to start. Perhaps you can brainstorm an even better or more appealing idea of your own.