Basement Flooring Ideas

basement flooring ideasWhen designing a basement space you'll want to consider a wide range of basement flooring ideas. Many homeowners don't realize just how many options they have, but there is truly a huge spectrum of possibilities. You can begin looking for basement flooring ideas in home magazines and decorating guides. For a more in-depth comparison of your choices, visit home and design stores to look at the range of materials that can be utilized in the basement.

Your basement probably has a concrete slab floor, as this durable material is the dominant choice in modern construction. You can utilize that basic floor, or add any number of other materials on top. Your basement flooring ideas may be based on previous experience or what your neighbors are using, but try thinking outside of the box.

If your basement is dry, you can paint direct onto your concrete surface, usually with a garage floor epoxy-based paint. These often come in an epoxy kit, which means that you don't even need to seek out a primer.

When considering basement flooring ideas, think about making your painted cement floor more interesting with painting effects. For example, start with a neutral base color. Then, using a small brush, spatter on several additional colors in a random design. You can also use a sponge to create a granite type look. Consider sponging black over an off-white base for a natural stone look.

A warmer, quieter alternative is to consider laying carpet in the basement. Carpet offers a range of choice in colors and textures. Carpeting is among the most cost effective and satisfying basement flooring ideas. Be sure to use a thick carpet pad underneath the wall-to-wall carpeting you choose. It will cushion the hard floor and provide additional insulation. Carpeting is ideal for noise reduction, which is especially valuable if your basement is going to be used as a playroom.

There are other, less common basement flooring ideas such as bamboo or cork. Rubber flooring can be effective and recycled rubber can be custom ordered. Plus, you can remove rubber flooring without causing damage, so you can pack up your basement floor and take it to your next home. This makes rubber a good choice for renters who do not want to make a permanent change but are looking to improve basement space.

On the higher end, a variety of tiles offer a range of basement flooring ideas. Consider glazed, terra cotta or quarry tiles for a pleasant Mediterranean effect. This is especially desirable in warm climates. And of course, laminated flooring is an option and you will find many patters and designs to choose from in available laminate floor coverings.

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