Basement Renovation Ideas

If you are looking for basement renovation ideas the Internet is a great place to visit for inspiration and practical if not often sage advice. While you are the only one who can decide what is the perfect plan for your space or how you wish to use that space, but seeing the work that others have done in their basements is often just the right spark to help you come up with basement remodeling ideas of your own.

Keep in mind that a basement is not an area that you can easily expand or make structural changes to. Most of us are starting out with a very unfinished room that may sometimes be crowded or cluttered with machinery, furnaces, and other items that were installed without the consideration of future design or even the hopes or possibility of making this space an actual living space. For those particular homes, basement renovation ideas are more challenging and making practical use of this space is often problematic. Those of you who do not have these challenges are rather fortunate as your possibilities are less limited.

Defining the Space

The first step in coming up with practical basement renovation ideas is to decide how you wish to use the space and the current use of this particular space. Do you wish to use this as a family area where you will gather on a daily basis or will this be an area that will only be used occasionally or only by select members of the family?

One of the best ideas I have personally seen for a basement room is as a movie room. The basement is generally darker than the rest of the house and if you use your imagination and creative use of paint on windows you can darken the space even more. You can install low light LED Lighting around the edges of the room where you will be viewing your movies and add a little kitchenette to the side where you can keep movie munchies and drinks.

Others choose to turn their basement space into a game room where the children can be loud and rowdy when the weather does not allow them to enjoy playing outside. This is one of my favorite basement renovation ideas because you can bring your children in on the process. This makes them feel more important and more inclined to actually use the space. It also provides an area for them to be loud and rowdy and romp and run that is removed from the expensive china and knick-knacks we like to have in our homes.

Is this all?

Absolutely not, other basement renovations ideas include creating a master bedroom suite, a family area that can be cluttered a little more than the formal areas of the home where visitors would congregate or as one huge storage area for toys, clothes, seasonal decorations, and all those other things that we really have no room for but cannot seem to part with.

Some people choose to turn this area into a fitness area or even a home woodworking workshop where repairs can be made or new items created. It really does not matter what reason or idea you come up with for your space only that you will enjoy the space for the purpose you have created it. Be creative with the space, and know how you want to use it before making decisions about renovations.

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