Basement Stair Renovation

If you want to renovate your basement stairs because the are unsightly or more importantly, unsafe, you will want to find there are many ways to make your basement stair renovation turn a common set of stairs into a beautifully styled piece for your home.

Getting Started

Depending on what the materials you choose are, you will want to prep the area first. If you are completely replacing the existing stairs, you will want to remove these first.

It you are overlaying the new stairs onto the old set, you will want to prep the old stairs by clearing it of dust and dirt. You may also want to lightly sand the stairs so if you are using glue it will stick to the surface better.

Dress System for Stairs

There are systems available that give you all of the materials necessary to change your stairs. It is one kit that will give you front edges that will lay over the existing stairs and give you the look of hardwood steps.

This system is easy to install and is perfect for the beginner who doesn’t know much about home improvement. You can also have these kits designed to fit your individual style and decorating taste.

DIY Stairs

Renovating stairs is not complicated if you are looking to cover the old set of stairs. All you have to do is pick out the material that you want to use to cover the old set of stairs and then match the technique that will best fix the stairs.

If you are using any type of hardwood covering, you will want to use a combination of glue and nails. If you are looking at vinyl flooring, most of this now comes in a peel and stick form that will give you the easiest time.

All you will have to do is cut the vinyl to fit the steps and you will have yourself a new set of stairs in just a few hours.

Tips For Renovation

When you are renovating a stairway, you will want to get the job done all in one sitting if you can. This is because stairs are probably used most often in houses with more than one level.

Warn family members ahead of time when you are going to renovate the stairs so that they can stay on the level of the house that will give them the most freedom. Otherwise, people will want to step over you the whole time you will be doing the project.

If you are taking out stairs to replace them, make sure to warn everyone and block off the entry to the stairs so that you can prevent any injuries from falling.

Renovating stairs that go the basement is a great way to get the whole basement renovation going. You can now look at your basement and see all of the finished possibilities. Once you get in a good looking stairway, you will be well on your way to a great looking finished basement.

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