Basement Stair Storage Ideas

If you’ve got a basement you could be using it as a utility room, a games room or possibly even an extra bed-room or living room. Which ever one you’re currently using it for, from time to time almost inevitably it’s tempting to dump things in it, even if just temporarily until they can be put away properly. Providing you haven’t got a solid concrete staircase to your basement, here are some basement stair storage ideas that can help you keep the basement looking tidier and less like a dump.

Drawers in the Stairs

If you have easy access to the underneath of the staircase you could build a framework that would allow runners to be fitted to it, along which you could run drawers making the riser of the stair form the face of the drawer.

Having a handle on the drawer face might not be a good idea, as anyone using the staircase could damage the handle, even worse the handles would be a safety hazard as they could cause an accident. So, instead you’d need to make the drawers spring-loaded so that they open and close shut as a result of a force being applied to them.

Shelving Under the Stairs

If your basement is used as a utility area putting some shelves in the space under the basement stairs would be a great way to ensure there’s no need to just to leave things lying around in it. The bigger the space you’ve got for this the better. If the entire staircase is open there’s no reason at all why you can’t put shelves from the floor to the ceiling. You can put things that are used infrequently at the top and those that are used more regularly at the bottom.

If you do shelve above head height make sure you leave a proper step ladder to access those shelves; don’t go overstretching or balancing on boxes or something - as that’s how accidents happen. You could fix batons to the wall for the shelves or just use some cheap angle brackets.

Before putting up the shelves make sure you’ve thought about what’s going to go on them and that the supports and the shelves themselves are strong enough. If the basement is used as a living space you might want to put doors across the shelved area to help keep the room looking less cluttered.

A Wine-rack Under the Stairs

Basements that are not used as a ‘living’ space can be the coolest area in a house and as such can make an ideal location for a wine rack. This is a particularly good idea if you’ve only got a limited amount of space to access under the basement stairs.

You can easily construct a wine rack from some timber or you could even buy a ready made wine-rack from a local store. Either way moving your wine into the basement will release space in your kitchen and make better use of a redundant space in your basement, whilst also providing great conditions to store your wine.

Is your Basement a Living Space?

If the basement is used as a living space you could convert the space under the stairs into a ‘built-in’ wardrobe or at least have some shelves in it for shoes and some hooks for hanging coats on. Dependant on the shape and layout of the space, if decorated to match the rest of the room, it could make a great place to fix a LCD TV screen or your home theater equipment.

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