Basement Stairs Ideas

There are many basement stairs ideas that come immediately to mind when it comes to creative uses for the space below the stairs. The first thing you need to do however is to insure that the stairs are actually safe for you and your family to tread on them.

If you have purchased a home with an unfinished basement you may want to carefully consider ideas and options for your stairs when finishing your basement to make the space usable. You should also make certain that you find out what, if any, codes exist in relationship to stairs in the home and basement.

For Safety's Sake

Building stairs correctly is one of the first and most important considerations when you are brainstorming basement stairs ideas. Once you have learned what your local codes require you should also get a good understanding of the different feel for different rise over run measurements. You will find that some feel more comfortable when walking up and down than others.

If you are looking for yet another great basement stairs ideas, then consider this: you should also use your head when building stairs and make sure you are providing enough clearance for yours. I have seen grown men cry after knocking themselves prone coming down a set of stairs without proper clearance for the average grown man. I recommend allowing a little more than you think you will need as you never know, one of your little ones could grow to be not so little in a few years.

Basement Stairs Ideas

I am one of those rare people who find wasted space in my home honestly offensive. It bothers me that there is real estate sitting around unused. As a result, I want the area below my stairs to be of some use to my family. The good news is that there are many great and wonderful things you can do with this space. Storage is the first idea that comes to mind with many people and this is definitely a great place for storage.

I have seen this space used for additional pantry space or food storage. I have also seen this space used to good effect for the storage of off-season clothing items. Yet another great idea for storing beneath the basement stairs would be camping gear (this serves a dual purpose as you will be able to use the lamps and lanterns when weather drives you below ground and lights are out).

More than though, I like to see the space used creatively as well as functionally. To that end, I love some of the following basement stairs ideas. I have seen this space used for built in bookshelves and toy storage when the basement was designed as a childs play area.

I have also seen the area beneath the stairs used as a built in entertainment or home theatre system. This is actually one of my favorite uses for the space beneath stairs as it leaves no worry about how to hide the cords and wires that are so vital to entertainment centers.

Regardless of which of these basement stairs ideas appeals most to you I hope that you will find a useful function for the area beneath your stairs. There are several options that are both fun and functional and I am sure if hard pressed you could come up with some creative uses of that space of your own. Most importantly, the space should be of value to you as a homeowner. It does not matter how beautifully the space is rendered if it never gets used.