Make Your Basement Storage Idea Efficient

Having a basement in your house offers you the chance to increase the amount of space, because the basement storage idea seems to be the best one that satisfies all the needs of the inhabitants of house. But whoever had in mind this basement storage idea was obviously having a difficult time in finding a place in which the no longer useful, extra object could be deposited. Because, in order to have a useful and ready basement area for the future storage, you have to make sure that your basement does not offer any potential for flooding or that it is not a perfect environment for mildew.

Common Issues That Occur in Basements and Their Solutions

Although the basement storage idea is brilliant, insulation should be your main concern. But even if you provide your basement with a good insulation against water vapor intrusion, the basements are usually poorly ventilated, a fact which causes the appearance of mold and of the feeling of incarceration. The lack of fresh air in the basement storage area causes the building up of the moisture, and this happens even if the entire house has air-conditioning.

All these must be prevented if we take into consideration the fact that the basement is the place where we keep seasonal clothes, blankets, and other personal stuff which, in time, can get a musty smell. Things become more complicated if a basement flood appears.

When we talk about a basement storage idea, we usually think about ways of preventing the mold and the mildew in the basement zone, but it is a known fact that if the indoor relative humidity exceeds 60 percent, the mildew will grow in your basement. In the basement storage area though, the indoor relative humidity level is breached. There are nonetheless some methods of lowering the level of humidity in the basement storage areas.

For instance, use a dehumidifier with a drain into a sink or into a pump system that will solve your problem. This procedure does not require that someone drain the unit, which makes it comfortable and easy-to-use. You can also use a hygroscopic material that attracts the water vapors, due to the fat that this substance resembles a lot to the calcium chloride that draws moisture from the air.

Another option for the preventing of the appearance of mildew in the basement area is the improvement of the air circulation, by using open air conditioning or heating vents, or by adding a return duct from the basement to the air handler unit.

For What Else Can We Use the Basement?

Another basement storage idea involves the stacking of the stuff that you wish to keep in the basement on open shelving which allows the more intense air movement around the stored items. By using shelves, you also avoid putting things on the floor, a fact which saves your goods in case flooding occurs.

Although the basement storage idea is brilliant in the sense that it saves a lot from the space in your house, you should not forget that the basement behaves much like a cave - the temperatures in the basement tend to remain constant, no matter the temperature in the upper level of the house.

Therefore, it is obvious that the basement storage idea has a great deal of advantages, but also many flaws and limitations. I advise you not to keep important records in the basement storage areas, unless you have a water sprinkler system. It is best to keep only paper files in your basement storage area.

If you wish to create a useful basement, make sure that you take into consideration some aspects such as the location of the basement, its size, the access, the security, the fire protection offered to this area, the temperature/humidity controls, the shelving possibilities existing in the basement area, the flood prevention, the ventilation and the lighting.