Basement Storm Windows

Your next home renovation project could come about after you receive your energy bill and see that your heating and cooling dollars are evaporating into the atmosphere. But before you start, think about working from the bottom up, instead of the other way around.

One of the most effective ways to save money on energy costs is to install storm windows, and it makes sense to start from ground level. Installing basement storm windows is a wise move. It will mean your basement is far better utilized and better protected from not just the weather elements, but also the criminal elements that would like to find an easy entry point to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Because they increase energy efficiency, basement storm windows will help keep your heating and cooling costs down and your basement is definitely an area of the house that has issues with heat in summer and cold in winter. The extra thickness in basement storm windows provides an insulating layer against the elements outdoors.


As well, adding an additional layer to the windows at the ground level part of the house acts as a deterrent to would-be burglars who will be more likely to skip your house and try one that is not as well protected.

Many homeowners neglect the basement when fitting out the house with storm windows. This makes no sense at all for the above reasons, but especially when you consider that the basement usually doesn't have that many windows, the added expense won't figure too significantly into the entire fit-out budget.

A plain, single-pane glass window is the easiest entrance point to a house for anyone wanting to break in. Often, homeowners don't include the basement in the security wiring, and this just invites trouble.

Good Looks

Why should the rest of the house have attractive, highly functional windows and the basement be decked out with ordinary, ineffective ones that will let down the look of the home as a whole? Consistency helps to maintain your home's appearance more favorably.

Mixing and matching, adding one look here and another look there, decreases its value and attractiveness. Once you've installed basement storm windows, you'll appreciate the economic and aesthetic benefits for a long time to come.

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