Basement Support Columns

As you probably already know, your home is standing as a result of a complex series of structural supports that all work in harmony with one another to ensure that your home does remain standing for quite some time to come.

However, there are certain beans and supports in your home that need maintenance every once in a while to make sure that they can keep on doing their job. The most important and the main ones in need of regular maintenance are basement support columns. They are actually supporting the very foundations of our home and deserve lost of care as a result.

If you head down to your basement then you will immediately be able to identify the basement support columns and assess what condition they are in. If your home has undergone a major renovation in the recent past then the likelihood is that those columns were installed to replace old ones or were treated and maintained. However, the state that they are in should be assessed every year to make sure that they are in good condition.

Basement Support Columns Materials

Basement support columns can actually be made of any number of materials, although the most common ones are wood, steel, and laminated plywood. Out of these three materials, some have more advantages than others. For example, steel is generally stronger than wood and will also avoid the rot that wooden basement support columns are prone to.

Wood can be easily damaged and degraded by the elements, but laminated plywood is surprisingly resilient. It is also stronger, as well as being lighter than steel. It is the cheapest material by far as so is more common in newer housing. Brick is also quite common for obvious reasons! Regardless of what type of basement support column you have, they will almost always be visible in your basement.

Basement support columns are designed to carry the weight of the beams, which in turn supports the house itself. They are often cemented into the foundation to render them immovable. They actually support the house for years as long as they undergo the correct maintenance at regular intervals.

Maintenance For Basement Support Columns

All basement support columns should be maintained at least once a year, regardless of what they are made from. Every single support column should be thoroughly waterproofed at regular intervals, even if your home is not prone to flooding. One day your basement may just flood so it is best to have the protection there just in case.

You can buy a good waterproofing varnish, resin or paint from any hardware store and some brands even have specialized ones that cater for a specific type of support. Always be sure to choose a good quality sealant because the extra expense is worth it if your home stays upright for years to come!

When you do carry out your yearly maintenance of basement support columns, always check for cracks, erosions and degradation. Some columns may begin to deteriorate over time so you have to be vigilant. It is much better to deal with the damage as it happens rather than dealing with it all a few years down the line and needed completely new basement support columns! Just remember that if you look after them then they will look after your home.

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