Basement Window Air Conditioners

Basement window air conditioners are often being replaced with portable air conditioners that do not require a window in which to rest. The problem with air conditioning in the basement has traditionally been that that the windows were not large enough or defined enough to support basement window air conditioners.

Today that is changing. Even in homes that do not have central heat and air people are opting for much larger windows in their basements (so that they have better escape routes in the event of fire), which allow room for basement window air conditioners. Even those who have opted not to go this particular route are finding other options for the cooling of their underground living space.

Some Things to Consider

First of all, heat rises. This means that the basement is traditionally the coolest room in the house no matter what the season. You can actually get through a summer quite comfortably without a basement window air conditioner if you follow a few simple steps (granted it may not be an ice box, but it will be a tolerable temperature to say the least). First and foremost run a dehumidifier in your basement. The amount of moisture in the air has a much greater impact on how cool you feel than a few degrees fluctuation in temperature.


Another way to keep your basement cool without basement window air conditioners is to seal any leaks. This does not apply only to the basement but to your entire house. If your basement is warm on a warm (not hot) sunny day, then warm air is getting in somehow.

Do not forget to check the attic for leaks as well. You may also want to consider changing your lighting. Depending on what type of lighting you have in your basement currently, some lights actually produce heat and if you are using many lights to chase away the dark shadows of a basement you could be inadvertently raising the temperature.

Who Needs more Cooling Power

Some of us simply cannot stand being uncomfortably warm. We do not even really need to be hot in order to desire a cooler retreat from the world outside. Basement window air conditioners are not always the long-term solution but can often be a temporary fix. If you have windows that will accommodate these units and are not afraid of damaging your walls, windows, or homes exterior, then these windows units are obviously an excellent choice.

If you really do not wish to use basement window air conditioners or simply lack the window space this would require, there is still something you could consider in order to keep your basement area cool during those dog days of summer. Portable air conditioners are rising in popularity as their prices plummet.

By next summer you should see several very affordable portable units on the market. These units require no window and cool surprisingly well. They are by no means a one size fits all solution but they will provide a much cooler living area in basements that lack the proper sized windows to support a traditional window unit.

No matter what your pleasure when it comes to basement window air conditioners, there are plenty of choices when it comes to keeping your underground living area cool and comfortable that do not involve creating indoor swimming pools or setting your home up to cultivate the latest in mold technology. Choose your cooling method wisely according to what will work for your particular situation and all should be well.

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