Basement Window Dressing

If you have recently finished a room in your basement, you are probably shocked by what a huge transformation it has undergone to become the new and improved room that it is. The basement can be a great place for the kids to play, for family time to be held, or for a theater system to be installed. There are so many opportunities for rooms in the basement, and you should make it as nice as possible for any guests. This includes making the windows nicer than however they originally were.

When you frame a room with a window already installed, you are faced with a slightly more awkward construction situation. Usually this results in a large shelf under the window. Therefore you can use basement window dressing to disguise the awkwardness and make your room look a little bit nicer. You can also use it to set the mood in a room, since it is the focal point of the light coming in through the window.

Spices up a Bland Newly Finished Room

Basement window dressing usually suits the atmosphere of the room. If you room is a game room, you will probably use window dressing that is a little more playful or childish. If it is a room for adults to relax in and have intelligent conversations, then you can choose a sophisticated and modern design for your window dressing.

So before you choose window dressing, you will need to think long and hard about what will go on in the room, and how you can set the mood by your choice in window dressing. If you cannot decide on a specific design, you can consult someone who is an expert in interior design. You should be able to get a great recommendation from a professional who knows a lot more about what they are talking about, and will be able to let you know a great deal.

Basement Window Dressing That Will Fit In With the Rest of the Room

Besides the atmosphere and mood of the basement window dressing, you also have to consider how it fits in with the rest of the room. This includes the color compared to the walls and carpet, as well as the design (which you might be able to match with something like a couch or table, which will add quite a nice touch).

When you are looking at options for window dressing, you should do all you can to get samples of it to bring into your home and put into place. This will allow you to get a feel for what it looks like without committing to buying it, and therefore you can avoid wasting your money on something you will hate forever. It is always an option to paint the walls according to the window dressing that you buy, in order to create the best complimentary colors.

Picking window basement dressing is always fun for someone with a newly finished room in their basement. Most of the finishing process requires manual labor and other aspects that are not so fun, and finally you get to make decisions that do not require large amounts of effort, but will still make a huge difference in the quality of your room. So do not neglect the window dressing, and look for something today.

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