Three Affordable Basement Window Treatments

If you have a basement, you can decorate your windows in style by making your own affordable basement window treatments. Below you will find three different styles that you can make. The basement window treatments explained below are low cost, and require nothing more than a little skill and a few tools that you probably already have.

Even if you use your basement for storage you will still want to add basement window treatments to your windows not only for privacy but to also help prevent sun damage to your valuables.

Mock Roman Shades

You can create mock roman shades for your basement window treatments using a bit of cloth, a few hooks and two wooden rods. To do this, first measure your windows. Hem a piece of cloth to match the width of your windows with the length being 6 inches longer then your windows measurement.

Create a 3/4 inch hem at the top and bottom of your cloth, and run a 1/2 inch rod through each hem. The top rod should be of the same length as the top of your windowsill. The bottom rod should reach at least one inch past your windowsill on the sides.

Using hooks, attach one rod to the top of your windowsill, letting the second rod hang loosely. To draw your mock roman shades up, attach hooks halfway up your windowsill, roll the cloth around the bottom rod neatly and attach each end to each hook along the sides of your sill.

Creating several of these makes simple yet attractive basement window treatments that can be created in just a few hours for little cost.

Painted Blinds

You can paint blinds to make basement window treatments that not only display vibrant colors, but also add extra protection against sun damage for your valuables. To do this, first make sure that you are using clean blinds that fit your windows.

You will need some spray enamel paint, primer in a spray can, rubber gloves and an area outside covered in newspaper to protect the surface from getting spray on it. You want to be sure to paint your blinds outside since the fumes can be harmful.

To paint your blinds, remove the slats from the cords by untying the ends of the cords and gently removing the ends from the blind cords. Place the slats on top of the newspaper and paint one side with primer.

Once the primer is dry, turn them over and spray the primer on the other side. Attach the slats back to the cord, making sure to retie the knots at the ends. It is very easy to make these types of basement window treatments.

Easy Box Valance

Using plywood and a few hand tools, you can create box valance basement window treatments sized to fit any window in your basement. Measure the width of your window and the length that you wish the box valance to be. You should also measure the length from your window to 1 inch outside of your wall for the proper box width.

Cut one piece of wood to measure the width from window to wall plus one inch of the length that you wish your box valance to be. This will be the top part of your box valance. Next cut a piece of wood the length of your window plus the length that you wish the box to be from the top of your windowsill to the bottom edge of the box.

Cut two pieces for the sides to fit, nail all four pieces together and attach to the top of your sill. You will have a box with four sides only, the top, front and sides. The back and bottom will be open. Paint or cover with wallpaper to match your basement decor. These types of basement window treatments require a bit of skill, but produce beautiful and stylish results.