Basement Finishing Ideas

Need some input on basement finishing ideas? You have come to the right place. This short article may be just the thing to get your remodeling mojo revving again with some great ideas on just what to do with those X-square feet of ugly, empty space. Read on to find out more.

Basement finishing ideas run the gamut from practical to playful. One excellent suggestion lies in remodeling at least a portion of the available space to build a guest room. This might mean adding a basement bathroom. A basement area provides an ideal environment as for as privacy goes and most basements offer a generous amount of available area. This bedroom could also be used as a teenagers bedroom when that child reaches the age where he/she appreciates the privacy while you, the adults, welcome the blessed reprieve from too-loud stereo speakers.

Other basement finishing ideas include turning that part of the house into a playroom. It may be as simple as finishing the basement walls and adding some carpet. What better spot to provide a haven for kids to play ping-pong, billiards, or cards? You could also add a bar.

Soda Fountain

One couple outfitted the bar with ice cream blenders and other real-life soda fountain accoutrements while their kids still lived at home. Once the chicks had flown the nest, the basement bar became Mom and Dads favorite hangout for adult friends and family to drink the real thing, while still having the television set, the pool table, and the card table (now used for poker games!).

What about using those basement finishing ideas toward creating that home-office area you have always wanted? Wired, lighted, heated, and cooled correctly, this area could become the ideal place to finally get going on that business you have thus far had to conduct from the kitchen table.

Basement finishing ideas exist far and wide, limited only by your imagination! Of course a good plan, enough money to do it right, and either your own hard work or that of a professional contractor are what truly turn basement finishing ideas into reality. So once you have all those factors going for you, why wait? Let your basement finishing ideas turn that dark, nearly useless space into a room you will fall in love with.