Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Bathroom ceramic tile comes in so many designs and styles today that usage is limited only by your imagination! If you have been thinking it is time to make that bathroom of yours a thing of beauty and joy forever, then take a look at some bathroom ceramic tile that is sure to help you meet your goal. We have found some great online resources to find just the right bathroom ceramic tile to make that important room one of the most beautiful in your home. Read on to find out for yourself where to get some terrific bathroom ceramic tile.

    Julia Sweda creates not only custom-designed bathroom ceramic tile, but also ceramic murals, painted glass, and porcelain paintings, as well. She divides her works into Italian, French, Hispanic, and Americana categories that seem to encompass a universe of brilliant, imaginative designs. Her bathroom ceramic tile incorporates fantastical images of mermaids, peaceful scenes of beaches, multi-colored underwater scenarios, and many more.

    Another online retailer of handcrafted bathroom ceramic tile, brings visions of animals, art, botany, and creatures, turtles, dragonflies, geckos and more. All this, plus field tiles and custom-created tiles makes Terrapin Tile a must-visit Web site resource for anyone in the market for exquisite workmanship and artistic ingenuity in bathroom ceramic tile.

    Since 1922, Jerusalem Pottery has provided bathroom ceramic tile, as well as handmade tiles for the kitchen, fireplace surrounds, and a host of other decorative applications. This family business boasts work featured in Jerusalems famed Dome of the Rock in addition to scores of private homes and other commercial endeavors. Their Web site includes a multitude of design ideas with bathroom ceramic tile patterns featuring birds, fish, gazelles, floral motifs, and much more.

These three online bathroom ceramic tile businesses should give you a running start toward creating the bathroom of your dreams. And if you are looking for more, go ahead and research on your own. You are bound to find the perfect bathroom ceramic tile at a price you can afford. So what are you waiting for? The ideal bathroom ceramic tile for you is only a mouse click away!

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