Modernize With a Bathroom Console Sink

Without the restriction of the associated cabinetry, a bathroom console sink can have its own personality entirely. Sure, you may be stepping out of a comfort zone of sorts, but the possibilities are endless, and therein lies the attraction.

Installing a bathroom console sink is often the first place to start when redecorating the bathroom. It is the focal point of the whole space - as it should be when you realize the toilet is kind of a necessary evil - one that can make or break the whole decor.

Sinks, Baths and Decorating

It's possible to buy a bathroom console sink at an auction, if not at a bathroom supply store. That can be the food for thought you need for planning the whole look of the space. Whether you're going for a rustic appearance, with exposed plumbing and old fashioned faucets, or a minimalist look entirely in white, or even a state-of-the-art, high tech effect, a free standing sink can suit a range of different ideas.

Of course, a bathroom console sink can be incorporated into cabinetry. The idea is that it looks like it's simply sitting on a countertop but the beauty is that you can use any kind of furniture and mount the sink on top or into the item. Bedroom dressers, sideboards, buffet tables and any other furniture that you would enjoy looking at in your bathroom are entirely appropriate because the sink itself doesn't have to be fit into a space designed for it.

Console Sink Tips

There are a couple of elements of bathroom console sinks that could be deemed problems. Because they are freestanding, faucet systems need to be designed around them and often they will be affixed to the wall behind the sink. The drainage system will also have to be accommodated so you may not be able to achieve your desired effect; speak to your plumber who can advise you once seeing the unit you want to use.

Secondly, bathroom console sinks often don't have overflow drains and this is an obvious problem if there is a risk of a faucet being left open. If you are using a sink without an overflow drain, you might like to consider using a floor covering that won't be overly problematic in the event of a great deal of water washing over it.


As far as price is concerned, there isn't a huge difference between a bathroom console sink and a regular one, except perhaps that you won't be paying for the accompanying "furniture". Still, sometimes the prices can be somewhat inflated because of the fashion factor and many homeowners will happily pay more dearly to have the latest look in their home.

Ease of cleaning can be an important factor when choosing a bathroom console sink. There is no build-up of dirt or mould around the edges such as where a traditional sink fits into the cabinetry, and it's a nice thing to be able to wipe the outside of the sink as well as clean the inside.

Also, because the faucets are not affixed to the sink itself, there is no build-up of dirt and mould around those either. All in all, an easy-clean, good hygiene option that will stay in pristine condition for years.

With the trend leaning towards bathrooms and kitchens that look like they have furniture instead of fittings, a bathroom console sink is an excellent way of modernizing. There are so many different designs to choose from that the biggest problem you will have is deciding on the one you like most!

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