Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom renovation is a popular occasional activity for homeowners today, especially those that are performing extensive work on their homes. After all, a bathroom can contribute to the overall styling of a home extensively because there is nothing worse than keeping an existing grotty bathroom in an otherwise elegantly decorated home.

However, there is one element of bathroom renovation that homeowners seem to neglect. That element is the lighting. They focus on the colouring and decor use, as well as the furniture pieces placed within the bathroom. Without the best bathroom light fixtures though, there is no point.

Bathroom light fixtures will complete your bathroom and add the finishing touches to a beautifully decorated room in which you can relax. They can achieve subtle effects that complement the decor and add space without being too overpowering. However they can also make your bathroom look smaller, cast shadow in inconvenient areas and throw the balance of the room off if you get it wrong. As such, you need to be able to choose the right bathroom lighting fixtures in advance and the information outlined below can help you to do just that.

Light And Mirrors

Bathroom light fixtures should be the last element of your bathroom to choose, to coordinate and to install. The only exception to this particular rule is if you choose to model your bathroom around a given form of lighting or have a design in mind from an inspirational light fixture. With this in mind, you need to consider all of the other elements in your bathroom.

For example, if you have a lot of mirrors, reflective tiles or any other form of reflective surface then you will need to bear in mind that only subtle lighting will achieve the desired effect because reflective surfaces will send rays of light all over the room. As such, do not overdo it. If you only have one vanity mirror in place then you can choose any bathroom light fixtures you want but must make sure that the placement is perfect so as not to blind you when you use the bathroom.

Choose Excellent Placement

It really is all about the placement when you are choosing bathroom light fixtures because they must be in the right area of the room to achieve the best possible effect. You must consider natural lighting and, as outlined above, any reflective surfaces, but must also think about shadow, space and lighting breaks. For example, casting light into the centre of the room alone will leave a lot of shadows and make the room look smaller whereas illuminating all corners may make your bathroom appear to be larger.

Spotlights have to be carefully placed if you choose that particular option but open bathroom lighting fixtures can cast light evenly throughout the room. You should test your desired fixtures in several places before attaching them properly to see which area is best.

If you are looking for subtle lighting to match understated decor then a spotlight is not the fixture for you. If you want to concentrate light in one area to highlight a particular feature then you will need to consider spotlights. The basic rule here is to decide upon the effect before searching for bathroom light fixtures to provide you with it. The wide range of choices available is yours but choose wisely.

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