Bathroom Projects

Did you know that there are some simple bathroom projects that you can do to add to the look and feel of this important room of the home? Just think about how often you spend time in the bathroom and all of your family members. Small bathroom projects can make a tremendous difference not only in the look of your bathroom but how functional it is for everyone in the household.

Caulking Repairs

Over time, caulk around the shower, sink and tub can become discolored or even worn in places. A tub of bathroom caulk is not very expensive. You can use a putty knife to remove all of the old caulk material around the sinks, tub and shower.

Apply new caulk around these areas and allow drying for a minimum of 8 to 12 hours. If you do this right after everyone has showered for the evening, it will make it less inconvenient for your household. New caulk will not only prevent long term water damage but it gives your bathroom a fresh appearance.

Tile Sealant

Another great way to prevent long term water damage is to seal your tile every few years. Clean the tile thoroughly to remove all dirt, grim, soap scum, mildew and mold. Following the directions on a can of sealant, seal the tile and allow curing time.

This will decrease the amount of dirt and mildew that will build up on the grout of the tile. The entire bathroom project should only take about an hour and it will make a tremendous difference in your bathroom.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Through time the paint in the bathroom can fade and even develop spots. Spend a weekend giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint. This is a great chance to switch to a new color scheme for decorating your bathroom. It is even a good reason to purchase new bathroom accessories to match the new paint color.


When it comes to bathroom projects, accessorizing is very simple and dramatically changes a bathroom. Toss out the cups and free standing toothbrush holders. A new toothbrush holder mounted in a convenient spot near the sink is a not only a handy bathroom accessory to clear up bathroom clutter but they are simple to mount.

Another convenient bathroom accessory to organize your bathroom is to add hooks to the back of the bathroom door for household members to hang extra towels, clothes and bathrobes. This will keep the bathroom less cluttered and hooks are quick to mount on the back of the bathroom door.

Inside the shower stall you can mount several small towel racks. This will enable family members to hang wash cloths and set hygiene bottles on instead of loose bottles all around the bathroom. You can mount two racks close together to hold bottles in place. You can even install decorative but functional shower caddies for family members to use.

Faucet heads and handles can develop a great deal of grime. One simply bathroom project is to take apart the faucet handles and thoroughly clean them. You can even put in new handles to create a whole new look in your bathroom.

Add a new shower head that massages and has different water spray options for family members. These are simple to change and to clean making your bathroom look nicer and be more functional at the same time.