Masonite Sheets For Bathrooms

Over the years, masonite sheets have been used for a wide number of applications. Masonite sheets have been in production for nearly 80 years and in those years, have built up a reputation for being one of the most versatile building materials around. One thing many people have wondered about is whether using masonite sheets for bathrooms is feasible or if they should avoid using them in bathroom construction.

The properties of the masonite sheets make the sheets an excellent building material and are the reason that many individuals prefer using them in their do it yourself construction projects.

Masonite sheets are created from pieces of wood that have been steamed into elongated wooden fibers and pressed into boards using tremendous pressure. These boards are sturdy and strong, with a high density and a high bending strength.

Pros and Cons Of Using Masonite Sheets

One of the largest benefits of using masonite sheets for the renovation of the bathroom is that the sheets are easy to use. The sheets are designed to be moved into place without a great deal of maneuvering and can be cut to size in seconds. After positioning, the sheets are easily secured into place using screws, adhesives, or nails, depending on the situation.

Masonite sheets are also a preferable building material because of the numerous designs that can be created from using the sheets. The sheets can be used to create recessed walls, painted, wallpapered, laminated with laminex material, or paneled with wood.

The design possibilities are endless when building with masonite sheets, making them ideal for creating unique designs in smaller areas of the home, such as half baths and pantry areas.

The biggest drawbacks to using masonite sheets for bathrooms is that the masonite sheets are easily damaged by moisture, which erodes the strength of the masonite sheet and con destroy the finish of the wall. It is important that masonite sheets are not exposed to a great deal of moisture, which makes them a bad building material for bathrooms that contain a shower, but a decent building material for half baths and other such areas. The versatility of the masonite sheets allows the homeowner to create any type of room they’d like using the masonite sheets.

Purchasing Masonite Sheets

There are a number of different retailers across the country that sell masonite sheets for home construction projects. Many individuals purchase their project materials from home improvement stores in their areas while others order their products from online retailers that carry home improvement products. The price of the masonite sheets may vary slightly from retailer to retailer, but the prices between retailers are generally pretty close.

Masonite sheets can be purchased in different sizes and thicknesses depending on what the sheets are going to be used for. It is important that the homeowner has a plan for the completion of the project so that they know how many masonite sheets they will need for the project and the thickness of the sheet that will be needed.

When the masonite sheets are purchased, all of the other products for the project should be purchased as well, to ensure that all of the other products will work with the masonite sheets well and that they will not destroy the structural integrity of the boards.

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