Bathroom Vanities - Choices Abound

Choosing a bathroom vanity can seem a complicated task. For while choosing a toilet is a utilitarian task, choosing a bathroom vanity is like choosing the whole style of the bathroom. It sets the mood and tone and is the one part of the bathroom you’ll likely use the most.

There are many varieties of bathroom vanities to choose from and in many price ranges. It’s important to consider all the options in bathroom vanities before making your purchase. Before purchase, you also need to know what size bathroom vanity you are looking for and what size your space can handle. Also consider who will be using the bathroom - do you need his and her sinks or one sink for the guest bathroom?

With these things in mind, you can go shopping. The most popular style of bathroom vanity is the cabinet-style. This is the type most often found standard in homes built after the 1950s. If you purchase a cabinet-style vanity, you can get a custom or semi-custom bathroom vanity. A semi-custom- the most affordable option - will come in many sizes, such as 24, 36 or 48 inches wide. But unlike a custom bathroom vanity, they will all be the same height and depth.

Furniture Style Vanities

A very popular option in bathroom vanities these days is the furniture style. It’s popular for homeowners to purchase a beautiful old table or dresser and have it fitted with a sink. This style gives a very custom feel to the bathroom. You can also purchase a furniture-style bathroom vanity, which are usually about three inches taller than a stock bathroom vanity.

Also very popular these days are stone bathroom vanities. Using natural stone appeals to homeowners’ desire to bring a cool, natural look to their homes. Thanks to the superb strength of the stone, these types of bathroom vanities will endure just about any hard use and will look beautiful for years.

If you are a modernist, you’ll appreciate the new look of the modern bathroom vanities. Some of these modern, high-tech vanities include frosted glass, which shows the plumbing beneath, stainless steel fixtures and a very clean, modern look.

Whichever style you end up choosing, remember to make your decision carefully. The bathroom vanity truly is a centerpiece item of any bathroom.

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