Correct Bathroom Vanity Height

When you are designing your very own bathroom, you will probably find that you will miss one or two things that need major consideration along the way. The first thing that you will need to consider but may not seem initially apparent is the bathroom vanity height.

Get it wrong and you may have a bad back from stooping or broken toes from standing on them to see! The height is crucial in making you feel comfortable in your own bathroom and getting all of your wants and needs right. As a result, there are many factors you need to consider and tasks you need to undertake before you actually purchase and fit your bathroom vanity unit.

Measure, Measure And Measure Again

The first thing you should do before even going out to look for a vanity unit is measure your bathroom several times to make sure that you have your measurements correct. This is one of the biggest mistakes that individuals make.

If the bathroom vanity height is not off then the vanity may not actually fit into the correct place because it is too large or too wide. You must make sure that you have your measurements right so you know which ones to consider when you shop for them.

You also have to consider the dimensions of the vanity because it may make your bathroom seem a lot smaller than it actually is if it happens to be too big. The height is of course important as well, but if the vanity swamps the room then height will not matter. You have to consider the whole vanity before moving on to concentrating on the height at which it will sit in the bathroom!

Bathroom Vanity Height Standards

There are no bathroom vanity height standards, which will not help you when you come to choose the right one. In fact, the majority of bathroom vanity units out there vary greatly from unit to unit. There may be an inch difference between one and another but four or five inches between those and another one. As such, you measurements will come in handy, but so will your common sense. For example, if everyone in your household is over 6 feet tall then you do not want to have a bathroom vanity that is perfect for someone of 5’5”.

The most common of the vanity units out there will be around 30 inches above the floor, meaning that the sink is at that height, but this is only suitable and comfortable for those individuals that stand at a little over 5 feet in height. Your comfort should be a major factor when it comes to buying the perfect vanity unit, rather than the way it looks.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Units

However, you may want to consider a little DIY to alter the area in question if you have found the perfect vanity unit and it is fairly low. It may be possible to set a small platform in your bathroom before purchasing your bathroom vanity unit to lift it to the height that you require for comfort.

The platform would have to be sturdy and made of more than plywood if it was to stand and support the vanity but this is only really for experienced DIY experts. If you are not comfortable with this job than look to find a vanity of the right height instead!