Bathroom Wall Ceramic Tile Ideas From a DIY’er

When it comes to decorating your bathroom a great choice is ceramic tiles, the range, style and color is enormous and you are only limited to what you can achieve by your mind. Whether you want something bright and colouful that stands out and makes a statement or you are more on the conservative side there is a ceramic style suitable for all. To help you get started here are some hints and tips for getting the most out of bathroom wall ceramic tile ideas.

The first decision you will have to make is the style and colouring, ceramic bathroom tiles come in all shapes and sizes. There is no limit to the style when it comes to walls unlike the floor which of course must be slip proof, with the walls anything goes. You can choose plain, coloured, mixed, traditional squares, rectangles, hexagonal or mixtures of them all together, stuck for ideas then try some of these.

Wall Ceramic Tile Ideas to Get You Started

If you like more traditional solid colours but still want to add a dash of colour to your bathroom then consider tiling the wall in the same colour but adding a feature tile in a similar colour or even contrasting just over half way up the wall. There are many feature tiles that make a wonderful border and break up a plain wall while at the same time not being too over the top.

Tile the wall in the same colour but instead of using all square tiles try adding a few lines of tiles diagonally to create a more interesting effect. A slightly different shade of tile can also give a wonderful effect when done this way and just breaks up the uniformity of the wall without looking too flashy.

If using a light coloured tile of the same colour then instead of using the traditional grouting colour of white go for a more unusual colour. Grouting now comes in all colours imaginable and a dark coloured grout will really make light coloured tiles stand out as will a light grout with a dark tile.

A Splash of Colour or Theme for Wall Ceramic Tile

If you want a clean look but also want to add a splash of your favourite colour then add a few decorative tiles placed strategically around the room in your favourite colour and even add them diagonally if using square tiles, you could also use transfers on plain tiles and add a border around the middle or top of the wall.

If you wish to step out with a contemporary looking bathroom then go all out for colour, the bolder and brighter the better. You can take things further by mixing tiles of different sizes and colours or even textures, adding fixtures and accessories will boost the look even further.

If you want to portray a Victorian effect then stick with subtle colours such as light blues, pinks or pale greens and intermingle some tiles with a floral pattern every now and again into the decor. To top it off add porcelain sink and taps and perhaps add a wooden pine floor.

Think about the Atmosphere you Wish to Create with the Tile Wall

The atmosphere you wish to portray can go a long way to determining the colour and style of your bathroom tiles. For example if you wish to create a place of serenity and relaxation then tiling in pale serene colours such as pale greens, blues or violets will pull off this effect.

If your bathroom is particularly small then avoid going for bold bright colours and stick with more subdued, bright colours absorb the lighting and so make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

On the other hand if you have plenty of room and light then you can take advantage of this by using darker tiles which will offset the ambient lighting in the room.