Bathroom Window Treatment

bathroom window treatmentChoosing the appropriate bathroom window treatment is not such a simple thing, as it requires attention to the entire setting and creativity for enhancing the beauty of the room. Finding the suitable bathroom window treatment is part of the decorating process, contributing to the great appearance of the room.

Draperies and Curtains

The drapery is considered a more sophisticated bathroom window treatment, suitable for bathrooms of more generous dimensions, with special furniture and accessories. Draperies require more wall space around the window and when this space is not enough, it is the case of choosing curtains or other type of window treatments.

Drapery panels are not retractable in the same way as other window treatments are and that is why they require more space. You should think twice before choosing draperies for your bathroom windows, although the majestic and fabulous look seems more appealing for large bathrooms than other types of window treatments.

Curtains have some other advantages if compared to other types of bathroom window treatment. They are lightweight, easy to suspend with the help of panels, which are easy to install and even easy to make. Moreover, the panels for the curtains do not require so much wall space near the window as draperies do. The curtains are to be suspended from a rod by rings, tabs or rod-pocket casing. Besides, the length of the curtains is decided easily, either from ceiling to floor, which is not necessarily the case in the bathroom, or covering the dimensions of the window.

Other Tendencies for the Window Treatments

The general tendencies for the window treatments can be successfully applied for the bathroom. Shades are a great solution bathroom window treatment, being easily raised or lowered usually by a spring or by a cording system. There are various types of shades that can be used for the bathroom, be it the case of tailored pleated shades, full balloon shades, relaxed Roman shades or simple and inexpensive roll-up shades.

Custom made shutters have the great advantage of fitting any type of window, being given the fact that the bathroom windows are somehow different from the others in the other rooms. Shutters are another nice solution for your bathroom window treatment, as they offer more possibilities than simple curtains; they can cover a window from top to bottom or only the bottom part of the window. Another possibility of the shutters is that they function like the sliding patio doors, operating on a track.

Blinds are still considered the most popular category of bathroom window treatment, due to their versatility and affordability. Blinds are excellent for spaces where light control or privacy is highly important and these facts make them so suitable for bathroom windows. You have the possibility of choosing between three options, construction similar to roller shades, vertical blinds with up and down slats and blinds with horizontal movable slats. Blinds are usually made of vinyl, wood, faux wood, aluminum or natural fibers.

Other Tips for a Better Choice

The dimensions of the bathroom are very important, as this aspect will determine a better choice. Larger spaces look great with draperies and curtains while small bathrooms require other solutions. If you still want to have a special effect with your bathroom window treatment, then shorter curtains could express your desire.

The dimensions of the bathroom windows also play an important role in the choice of suitable bathroom window treatment. The general tendency of smaller windows in the bathroom makes blinds, shutters or shades more suitable than draperies and curtains.