Installing Bathtub in Basement

The basement is so often a wasted space in a house. This can be a real shame, given that a well utilised basement can often increase the value of a house, and can give an extra haven for relaxation, away from the rest of the world.

If you have a sizeable basement, why not clear out the junk and install a bathtub and wash features? In this article, we will prove an installing bathtub in basement guide, to keep you on track with what you need to know and what you need to think about before fitting a bath in your basement.


You first and main consideration before installing bathtub in basement should be space. Put quite simply, do we have enough space to fit this in? Look at how you currently use the room.

  • Is it just for junk storage?
  • Can it be put to better use?
  • If you think you can fit a bathtub in there, your next problem is to think about plumbing. How easy is it going to be to plumb in this bath?
  • Are the existing pipes accessible from here, or am I going to have to restructure the whole plumbing network?
  • Do you need another bath, can you afford another bath?
  • Additionally, is the room well heated enough to allow you to have a bath comfortably?

These are all important factors which should be though about in deciding whether or not to install a bath in your basement, and you should really think the whole concept through before spending any money.


You will next be faced with the choice of choosing your bathroom suite when installing bathtubs in a basement. It is important initially to pick colours which are light and neutral to add most value on to your room, and make it appear bigger. Basements can often seem quite imposing rooms, so it is important to make them as light as possible to increase their perceived size. You should choose tiles, flooring and a bathroom suite to co-ordinate with this.

Your choice in bathroom suite should be driven by cost, but also by design and durability. Additionally, make sure you can fit the suite through the basement door first - it may sound obvious, but it is certainly an important thing to consider. Head down to your local DIY superstore, or plumbing outfit to have a look at their stock. Select something which is going to last for the longer term, because basements tend to be more hardwearing given their condition.

Once you have selected your suite you have the choice between DIY installation and hiring a plumber. Although it may be a good idea to DIY in other circumstances, because a basement is a tricky area of the house to deal with, it is probably best in the long run to incur the expense of a plumber. For his one time fee, he will solve the nightmare that could be trying to plumb in your basement bathroom suite, so it is well worth the money from that point of view.

Installing a bathtub in a basement does not have to be a complete struggle - if you make wise choices and consider all the relevant factors before you get started , you should find that this is an easy addition to your house, and you could soon be reaping the enormous benefits of having additional wash facilities for you and your family.

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