Bath Tub Refinishing

When it comes to bath tub refinishing the homeowner has two options- hire a professional, or tackle the job themselves. You can have a professional give you an estimate on how much the job will cost. However, if you feel handy around the house and aren't intimidated by these kinds of projects, you can purchase a refinishing kit at your local hardware or house and garden department store and undertake the task yourself.

Bath Tub Refinishing: Hiring a Professional

Many homeowners choose to hire a professional for their bath tub refinishing job. The use of strong chemicals and the process of stripping the bath tub can create a large mess and many dangerous fumes. Professionals are equipped to handle the ventilation process of the bath tub refinishing and have tools to aid in fast drying of the chemicals and enamel or epoxy paints.

If you are interested in hiring a professional it is wise to choose a bonded and licensed contractor. Also find out their guarantee policies. The best form of advertising continues to be word of mouth, so if you can find out from friends, family members, and even co-workers if anyone can recommend a bath tub refinishing professional, then you will have better luck with finding a company that pleases you.

A Bath Tub Refinishing Kit

Don't be fooled by the words bath tub refinishing kit and think that there won't be any elbow grease involved. Your kit will include items such as enough enamel or epoxy paint to cover your bath tub as well as a cleaning solution, however you will still need to invest the time, energy, and patience into the project. This is not intended to be an exact instruction, just a general layout of the steps involved in bath tub refinishing.

You will be using toxic and dangerous chemicals so creating your own ventilation area is crucial to the success of your project and your health. You will then be required to scrape, sand, and remove the paint using the chemicals contained in your kit.

Always wear rubber gloves and protective glasses when using toxic chemicals. Follow the instructions thoroughly in your kit, and most importantly, do not use your tub until the recommended time frame for allowing your tub to dry has passed.

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