Bath Tub Reglazing

Have you ever seen an old and decrepit and deeply stained bathtub? Once a bathtub reaches this state there is nothing to do but remove it and spring for a new one, right? Not quite. There is a neat little trick in bathroom remodeling known as bath tub reglazing; reglazing has the ability to make a nasty old worn out tub look as good as it did the day it was installed.

New methods of reglazing which do not involve acid etching have become the preferred technology for most refinishers. These methods feature the use of proprietary acid free hemical bonding agents. These chemicals do not not dissolve or eat away the original porcelain, and give a much better bond. They also can be used on surfaces where hydrofluoric acid cannot be used, like fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble fixtures.

Examples of these processes include MiracleMethod and PermaGlaze.

The older process of bath tub reglazing involves several steps.

The first step to bath tub reglazing is a process called acid etching. This is a very important process in bath tub reglazing as it is necessary for removal of the old finish and to temper the surface of the tub to allow it to accept the new glaze. Typical etching solutions contain Hydrofluoric Acid and other corrosive compounds and are left on for about 15 minutes. (warning: hydrofluoric acid is dangerous to the skin and causes severe burns. Please take all due precautions if you are doing the acid etch yourself)

To see this part of the process of bath tub reglazing while it is happening may give the tub owner serious pause as it looks like the tub is in worse shape than it was before the bath tub reglazing process began. Fear not, it is just the first step in bath tub relgazing toward a beautiful new finish.

Once acid etching is complete you may think that the tub already looks better than it has in years and is ready for you and your rubber duckie to jump right in. Not quite yet. This is where the bath tub reglazing really begins. Then a special primer is applied to the tub and allowed to dry. Finally the new finish of the bath tub reglazing is applied and once that is dry the process of bath tub reglazing is complete.

Bath tub reglazing will make the tub look like it hasn't looked in ages and will make you realize that you didn't need a new tub at all, just a new bath tub reglazing finish. The result is a like-new, easy to clean, spotless bathtub that will last for years.

So, instead of tossing out your old bath tub and spending a fortune on a new one; why not consider a bath tub reglazing service instead? Bath tub reglazing allows you to keep the comfort of your old tub and some of hard earned money as well.