Bay Window Drapery Rods

Bay WindowsHaving curtains or blinds in our homes gives us some semblance of privacy in our daily lives. If you have regular windows that are flat against the wall then this does not pose too much of a problem because the drapery rods are easy enough to put up. You also have literally thousands of them to choose from.

However, if you have bay windows then you may think that you have a problem because of the curve in their construction. Having normal drapery rods will leave a huge gap between the window and the curtain and this cuts down on the space in your room and the effectiveness of the curtains as insulation. This is why special bay window drapery rods are now available.

What Are Bay Window Drapery Rods?

Bay window drapery rods are the same in use as regular drapery rods but they are different in that they follow the curve of the bay windows around so that the curtains will hang next to the glass. The rod itself curves around the window and is constructed like that so there is little DIY work required on your part. All you literally have to do is install it by using the screws and brackets provided by the manufacturer, as you would a normal rod.

You can purchase bay window drapery roads of all sizes so you can find one to fit your window measurements perfectly. Many companies also offer bespoke rods so you can have them made specifically for your window.

Your Options

You have many styles of drapery rods to choose from for your bay windows. Some are plain and extremely simple whereas others can be highly decorative. However, you may wish to consider the material that the rod itself is made of first because this affects both the price and the longevity of your investment.


Aluminium bay window drapery rods are extremely lightweight so it is easy to install them without too many problems. Any type of wall can hold this type of drapery rod. It is also strong enough o hold heavy drapes. However, aluminium drapery rods are cheap because they do not last as long as other types so you may have to replace them after a couple of years


These are extremely popular because they add a touch of class to any room. The burnished colour goes with any décor and they tend to be highly decorated. Although they are the most expensive of your options, they will stand the test of time because they are incredibly strong and durable. However, they do tend to be on the heavy side and so are not always suitable for weaker walls, such as stud walls and cinder blocks.


This is the cheapest option and is fine for a homeowner that wishes to try bay window drapery rods out for a while but do not tend to last long. The motion involved with drawing the curtains and the sheer weight of the drapes or curtains will actually pull on it and damage it sooner rather than later. They are easy to install and are light on the walls but they will not stand the test of time.

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