Bay Window Privacy

One of the major housing trends that has passed from generation to generation over the last fifty or so years is the bay window. Many new homes have one incorporated into their makeup and many older homes have them as standard as the majority of older homes were fitted with bay windows owing to common design traits that were employed by numerous building companies.

Bay windows have always been perceived as highly desirable because they fill the room with light, regardless of how much natural light a room would normally get. However, bay window privacy has come under scrutiny in the last few years as a result of speculation that a bay window can leave your home more open to crime.

If you have a bay window in your family room, study or kitchen then you may find that you become a victim of nosy neighbours at the very least and individuals looking for an easy target to rob at worst. Not only do bay windows let n light, but they also enable anyone to look directly into your home without hindrance.

The windows are often fairly tall and extremely wide and give any individual on the street a perfect view of your entire home. They can see what TV you have, any gadgets or artwork that are on display and can also gain a pretty good idea of the layout of your home, which is why bay window privacy is extremely important.

You can have a bay window in your home, thus retaining the window seat or shelf that you have as a result, as long as you consider bay window privacy tools to help protect you and your household against the threat of crime!

Bay Window Privacy Tools

There area number of tools that you can use in order to establish bay window privacy, and none of them need look our of place in your home because you would most likely prefer an aesthetically good solution as well as one that will protect your belongings. The best possible solutions are laid out below so you can easily reference them and decide on the best option for you:

    • A Blind – It is possible to have a blind up in your bay window to protect your privacy because you will be able to see outside, but nobody will be able to see the interior of your house. There are blinds that come in a variety of forms and colours. You can have those that are drapes over the window, or blinds with slats that are adjustable. You can choose blinds that suit your existing colour scheme and blend in with your décor, although they are dust magnets and need regular maintenance so that they do not look shabby.

    • A Net – Nets are popular choices in the UK but are not as common in the USA as a result of the popularity of blinds and screens. Nets do not prevent light from getting into the room as blinds do. In fact, they actively help it because they are relatively flimsy and extremely decorative. Often made of cotton or lace, they can be washed when necessary, but they actively prevent people from looking through into you home. You can have nets purposely made to fit your window and they can be as heavy or as light as you like as long as they do the job. They are easier to fit into existing décor than any blind.

    • Common Sense And Privacy Doors – You do not necessarily need to spend money on nets, blinds or anything else that boasts to protect your bay window privacy. You can just exercise your common sense by fitting curtains to close at night when someone outside could more easily see into your home. Make sure that privacy doors are fitted and closed to make sure that nobody could see the layout of your home either. Also, any valuable items should never be kept on show. If you exercise common sense then you could indeed save money and establish a nice home environment to relax in.