Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Bay window treatments are available in a variety of styles, including pleated, panels with foam backing, tab top drapes, and velvet. Most drapes are available with at least one or more coordinating valance top treatments to complete that special look in your bay windows.

Drapes are available in just about every imaginable size in solid colors, print fabrics, insulated, and non-insulated. Tab top curtains are the perfect window treatments to show off decorative curtain rods. A luxurious look is easily accomplished with any decorative hardware. Tab top window curtains use a heading treatment called a tab top rather than the standard rod pocket to insert your curtain rod into.

These window treatments hang from tabs / loops on the curtain rod. They look good when displayed either alone or with a coordinating tab top valance top treatment between the tab top panels to accommodate wider window widths. This is the perfect item for those long windows you want to cover.

Shades, Blinds and Shutters

A shade is a window treatment that can be raised or lowered by a cording system or a spring. Style choices include inexpensive standard roll-up shades, elaborate cascading fan shades, tailored pleated shades, relaxed Roman shades, and full balloon shades.

When raised, roller shades and pleated fabric shades virtually disappear, making them excellent choices for windows where you want to maximize the sunlight or showcase a gorgeous vista. Roman shades add pattern, color, and a touch of softness without taking center-stage. Billowing balloon shades and cascading fan shades convey romance.

Plantation shutters can be made from solid wood panels for complete privacy and light blockage, or they can be fitted with fabric panels that have been inserted into a wooden frame.

Some window treatments hinge in the middle and fold back within the frame, while others open completely like a cabinet door. Sliding shutters work like sliding patio doors and operate on a track where one door slides behind the other.

Combination Treatments

Combination treatments can give you more freedom to manipulate the perceived size and shape of your windows. An inside-mount shade, for example, emphasizes the actual size of the window. Mounted outside the frame, the same treatment can make a window appear larger. For a short window, hanging a valance above a window makes the bottom edge of the fabric barely cover the top of the window glass.

This installation can make a window appear taller. However, to shorten a tall window, hang the valance so that the top edge lies just slightly above the window frame, with more of the fabric covering the glass. This is also a great way to conceal inside-mounted shades and blinds.

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