Valances for Bay Windows

bay window valanceThere are a many different styles of valances for bay windows that one can select for their home decor. From simple to elaborate, many different types of valances for bay windows can be purchased or made for little cost.

Before selecting just any valances for bay windows, one should consider the theme of the room decor and the color scheme used throughout the room. It does not matter how elegant a valance may be, it will always look out of place if it does not match the theme or color scheme of the room.

One should also consider the size of the bay window. A bay window with little space in the bay area would not be suitable for fluffy valances, whereas flat valances would look rather bland in large bay windows.

Box Valances

Box valances for bay windows can be purchased or made. They consist of boxes made of wood and can be arranged where three boxes are placed one above each window, or one long box is placed along the top of the bay windows setting. Box valances are covered in cloth to match the curtains in the windows, or they can be painted. Some even apply the same type of wallpaper that has been installed on the walls in the room that the bay window is in.

It is not hard to attach box valances to bay windows nor is it hard to make them. These types for valances are ideal for contemporary and modern decor but may not be suitable for a rustic or country decor.

Other types of box valances for bay windows would be the handkerchief valances, the box-pleated valances, and the normal style box valance. The handkerchief valances consist of boxes with triangle cloths hanging along the edges. The box-pleated valances consist of fabric with folded pleats in it. The normal style box valances consist of basic straight cloth covering the boxes with the ends being cut and sewn with a wavy design.

Basic Cloth Valances

Cloth valances for bay windows can be sewn quickly by anyone with a sewing machine. Basic cloth valances can match any type of decor whether it is modern or Victorian. By selecting the proper type of cloth, one can use any basic cloth design to spice up any bay window.

Swag valances are considered the most popular type of valance. A swag valance consists of cloth that is not gathered at the sides so that it hangs flat. The sides are gathered near the ends to create swags with elegant folds. This is an attractive design that will fit almost any home decor.

Layered valances for bay windows consist of two smaller valances that are gathered along the rod, with one valance being placed at the top of the windowsill and the other placed under the top curtain a few inches below the windowsill. These types of window treatments usually consist of only two layers, but can still be attractive with as many as four layers.

Roman shade valances for bay windows are an ideal solution for narrow bays. Roman shade valances are simply lengths of cloth hung on a rod with pleats sewn horizontally instead of vertically. These valances can be sewn in a day and are a favorite of those with small homes because they do not take much space and do not fill the bay area with a lot of fluff.

Bay window photo by Riel Roussopoulos