Beach Umbrella Tips

With sun related skin cancer on the rise, it is a wise choice to use a beach umbrella when soaking in the sun or relaxing with the family on a hot summer day. There are various styles of beach umbrellas on the market today, and your choice will depend upon your needs.

Some of the great features in beach umbrellas include SPF protection in the fabric and the new clamp on styles. The clamp on beach umbrellas can be set up virtually anywhere without much difficulty.

You can select from both wood and aluminum poles as well as a variety of materials used for the beach canopy. Many people prefer their beach umbrellas to have a tilt. Today's beach umbrella styles are more accommodating and have a better design to protect people from the damaging rays of the sun.

Beach Umbrella Price Range

Standard Beach Umbrellas range between $15.00-$50.00. However, you can also purchase a portable table with an attached Beach Umbrella for roughly $100.00. With a variety of friendly prices, everyone can enjoy the comfort and shade provided by a beach umbrella while enjoying a beautiful summer day at the beach.

Beach Umbrella: Styles

There are so many styles of beach umbrellas currently on the market that your choices are nearly endless. Some canopies are water resistant, so if you are caught in a light shower while on the beach, your beach umbrella will provide you with the necessary protection that you need. Many beach umbrellas are lightweight and portable that they come with their own carrying cases, and are simply brought from excursion to excursion.

When choosing a beach umbrella, you should also look at the base or tip of the umbrella. A spaded tip will make it easier to place it into the ground. There are also many different pole holders that will make assembling your beach umbrella a breeze. These include the corkscrew style pole holder and the rotating style.

Both of these style pole holders are great for use with your beach umbrella, and will anchor it firmly into the sand. When purchasing a beach umbrella, be sure to check out how many feet your umbrella will extend to, as well as any applicable warranties and guarantees that come with the beach umbrella.