Decorating with Beaded Curtains

colored beads for curtainsBeaded curtains are among the cheapest decors you can buy to instantly give your home a fun, exotic, or retro look. Say goodbye to boring doorways, windows and walls, because beaded curtains are here to the rescue.

Decorative Uses

Beaded curtains give any space some personal touch and character. There are literally hundreds of bead types to match any personality, mood, or even season. You will surely find one that is right for you.

Some beaded curtains come are made with crystal diamond cut iridescent beads that reflect light and give an elegant aura. But if you want a more exciting design, then go for metallic beaded curtains that reflect as purple, green and blue to match any furniture or wall color. There are also beaded curtains made with raindrop shaped beads that catch light and brighten up dark rooms.

If you are going for a more retro look, go for beaded curtains made with mirror discs; yes, they are made with strands of actual mirrors! This type of beaded curtains feature round mirror discs of alternate sizes glued to each other for reflection on both sides.

Another version of this retro beaded curtain is the hip circle curtain, which is made from strands of black discs with various circular shapes. These beaded curtains look so good they're like jewelry for your home.

Practical Uses

They may be pretty, but remember that beaded curtains are not just for decoration, they also serve practical uses. In fact, beaded curtains have long been used in Feng Shui the oriental art of placement. If you have long hallway that is open or two doors facing each other, for example, you need beaded curtains to slow down the movement of negative "chi" (which are said to travels in straight lines). Beaded curtains will therefore not only make your home look good, it will also enhance the positive energy in the space.

Easy Installation

Maybe the best thing about beaded curtains is that they are very easy to install, you simply hook the rod over two nails. Beaded curtains usually measure about 35 to 36 inches in width and about 78 inches in length to fit a regular doorway. You can request manufacturers to shorten beaded curtains for use on windows.

Photo by Dan Foy/creativeCommons