Behr Deck Stain Tips

With over 83 tint-able colors, it's easy availability, and the durability to protect your deck for up to three years, it's no wonder that homeowners choose Behr Deck Stain so much. Proper application of Behr Deck Stain may be time consuming, but the time you invest in this application of this product will not only save you from damage to your deck, but will greatly enhance the aesthetic of your home as well! As the old saying goes, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time! Here are a few guidelines for using your Behr Deck Stain.

Prepare your deck properly

When dealing with staining, every homeowner dreads The S Word, that, of course, being Stripping. No one really wants to strip their deck, but if after sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface of your deck you find that the water is not absorbed, strip you must!

If your deck wood is simply weathered or coated, remove these loose and deteriorated fibers with a finish remover or a wood resurfacing product. Rinse your deck, and check for any algae, fungus, or mildew and remove with a mildew stain remover. Preparing your deck properly is necessary for successful Behr Deck Stain application!

Apply stain properly!

Plan ahead, consider the weather, and execute your project only if conditions allow. Never apply stain if it is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or if rain is to pay a visit within 24 hours of your Behr Deck Stain application. If your deck requires more than one can of stain, intermix the cans (even though they are the same color) to ensure the colors are identical.

Stir your stain not only before application, but periodically throughout your project. It may be a good idea to spot test your stain on an inconspicuous area from time to time. Unless you are applying stain to rough areas, do not use a roller. Instead, opt for a nylon/polyester bristle brush or pad applicator.

If you are using a pump sprayer, be sure to apply your stain in small areas, watching for uneven distribution, and any excessively sprayed areas. Apply just enough stain to give the appearance of a wet sheet.

Use a back-brush technique and work from one end of a board to the other. Consider applying stain to all sides of the exposed wood. You will get approximately 250-300 square feet out of your can of one gallon stain, so plan your purchase carefully.

Post-application tips

Do not walk on your deck for 24-48 hours after application. Although some light foot traffic will be acceptable at this time, consider limiting access to the deck for a full 72 for the deck to completely dry. Clean up any renegade stain with soap and water and recycle your Behr Deck Stain can responsibly.

Call 1-800-CLEANUP or visit for recycling directions in your area. Enjoy your efforts on your freshly stained deck, and take comfort in the fact that you chose a quality product that will protect your stain for years.

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