Choosing the Best Flashlight

In the market for a new flashlight and want to find the best? Here is a look at few of the top brands and where to find them.

When you think flashlight, what name brand springs to mind? Most people say Mag, without too much hesitation. This is because Mag Instrument, which markets its products under the name MagLite, offers not only 20 years of research and a continual process of refinement to its terrific products, but also maintains a team of excellent marketing experts.

Anthony Maglica began the company in 1955 as a one-man machine shop and now employees more than 800 employees. Consistently better value offered to customers keeps the Mag flashlight in the forefront of the industry. With six sizes available and a plethora of product features, it is no wonder this flashlight comes first to the minds of almost everyone.

MagLite products can be found online at a number of Internet resellers, or customers can order one (or more!) of the MagLite flashlight products online at the Web site.

Another flashlight topping the list can be found at This company calls its products illumination tools and when you take a look at these finely made instruments, you will understand why. Features like Pyrex lenses; digitally controlled, two-way switching mechanisms; and aluminum and nitrolon construction make this companys flashlight products a favorite of the FBI and police departments across the United States.

A Streamlight flashlight (, another best of the best, cannot be bought online. Customers can, however, enter their Zip code into the Web sites search engine to find a dealer within 100 miles. This company offers products made with such features as machined aluminum and polymer bodies, unbreakable lenses, spot-to-floodlight beams, waterproofing, and more. With customers like the New York City Fire Department, the Canadian Mounted Police, and New Zealands mountain rescue teams, it is no wonder customers looking for the best pick a Streamlight flashlight product.

Many excellent flashlight products inhabit the marketplace, but with these three manufacturers, you cannot go wrong. So when you really want the best, visit the links above and know you are sure to find the just the right flashlight that suits not only your needs, but your pocketbook, as well.