Best Gardening Resources

Gardening has a rich history dating back to ancient Rome. Gardening can be a hobby or professional career, ranging from the home enthusiast to garden designing. There are different types of gardening ranging from flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, or ornamental gardening as art. No matter the type of gardening understanding the land, weather, pest, and the process is essential in the practice of gardening. The following resources will provide guidance for those getting started in gardening or the more experienced in the field.


  • Botanical Dictionary- Definition of botanical terms.
  • Plant Glossary- Plant glossary created from the book Plants of the Chicago Region.
  • Glossary- Glossary of plant terminology
  • Wildflower Glossary- Defined wildflower terms.
  • Flowers- Glossary of Hawaiian flowers.
  • Pests and Diseases- A glossary guide about garden pests.

Plant Fact Sheets

  • Plant Fact Sheets- Fact sheets of common name plants.
  • Horticulture- Smithsonian Institute horticulture division's fact sheets on several plant varieties.
  • Trees- Fact sheet of 680 trees.
  • Aquatic Plants- Fact sheets on aquatic plants.
  • Fact Sheets and Guides- Description of various plants.
  • Species Fact Sheets- Virginia plant species fact sheets in Portable Document Format.

Master Gardener Programs

  • Extension Master Gardner Program- Master gardener program offered at Wisconsin State University.
  • Department of Horticultural- Synopsis of how to become a master gardener.
  • Wisconsin Program- Summary describing how to be a master gardener and the training entailed.
  • Oregon State Program- Overview of the master gardener program at Oregon State University.
  • University of Arizona Program- Master gardener training at the Arizona Cooperative Extension.
  • Texas Master Gardener- News and management guide for pursing volunteerism as a master gardener.
  • California Statewide Master Gardener Program- Program put together by the University of California Cooperative Extension.
  • Maryland Master Gardeners- Training from the University of Maryland.
  • Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer Program- Ohio State's master gardener offerings.
  • WSU Master Gardener Program- Program offered by Washington State University.
  • The Colorado Master Gardener Program- Courses and training from Colorado State University.
  • Purdue Master Gardener Program- Information on the program from Purdue's horticulture department.
  • URI Master Gardener- Tips and information on becoming a master gardener at the University of Rhode Island.

Gardening Tips

  • Hort Corner- A site with tips on all types of gardening.
  • Garden Tips- Garden tips and facts for a better garden.
  • Tips- Tips for gardening in northeast Texas.
  • Food Gardening- Food gardening tips for every month of the year.
  • Tips for the South- Home gardening tips for southern states.

Gardening News

  • Garden Newsletters- University of Tennessee archive of garden newsletters.
  • Gardening News- Purdue University gardening news of the seasons.
  • Yard and Garden News- Monthly news on various horticultural themes.
  • For Kids- Gardening news just for kids and those who love to teach them.
  • Garden News- The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania garden news.
  • Clematis and Garden News- Archive of news on the clematis flower from online resources.

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