Best Home Security Measures

There is nothing more important than taking home security measures seriously, because this is what can protect your family from possible harm. This does not mean having to spend in thousands, because there are several low cost things you can work with to make your home more secure.

Security Tips

First ensure that you install adequate lighting outside around the house, at every doorway and entrance. Motion sensor activated lights are ideal as these can be set to cover a large area. If an area of your house is very dark, installing a light there to prevent hiding in the shadows would be a good option.

Having a fence around your property doesn’t ensure total safety, so it would be wise to install motion sensor controlled security lights outside within the fenced area. If you also have a gate, make sure it has a secure locking system.

Every door that leads outside should be installed with deadbolt locks which can be easily installed in most solid wood doors, but will require drilling and chiseling. A deadbolt lock uses a sliding metal bolt that connects through the door into the doorjamb.

Such locks, that require a key to lock and unlock the door should be used on each exterior and interior door leading up from the basement. Should a burglar enter your home perhaps through a window, he cannot use the door unless he finds the key, so it is essential to keep the keys hidden and safe.

Window Safety

While criminals do not enter through windows because it makes too much noise if they are broken, why take a chance? Therefore, keep your windows locked at all times. Opt for glazing your windows as it is one of the most effective ways to secure your windows against breakage.

Consider installing a peep hole whereby someone inside can look outside through a small lens and see who wants to get in. A chain bolt is also a good idea as it allows people inside to open the door slightly to allow items to be passed through. However make sure the door cannot be opened too wide otherwise an intruder could slip his hand through and disengage the chain.

Furthermore, bushes and trees around your home should be trimmed so that no one can hide amidst them near your entry.

Lighting Timers

Some people leave a stereo on even when they are in or out, which deters burglars to some extent as they are not quite sure about what is going on inside your home. Furthermore, time controlled lights both in the interior and exterior create an illusion of people at home irrespective of whether they are or not, especially if you alter the turn-on/off times periodically. Similarly, remote control lights that turn on when you drive up to your home or garage are also a good option.

It would be a good idea to install a monitored home security system but choose a security company with a good track record.

In order to provide your family with a greater sense of security and overall peace of mind, a few simple steps can go a long way in decreasing your chances of being a victim of crime.