Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower

What could be better than freshly cut grass on a Saturday afternoon? That smell of a mown lawn, the smooth look of a manicured garden and knowing the job is done for another week or two all add up to satisfaction and a well-deserved pat on the back. Well there is something better; doing it all with a zero turn lawn mower.

Finding The Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower For You

Nothing compares to the ease and manoeuvrability they provide and it makes the entire job an absolute breeze. In fact, you could so far as to say it is fun. But watch yourself; you do not want to be out there every few days zooming around on your zero turn lawn mower or you will soon be fresh out of grass!

Small courtyard gardens do not warrant the use of anything more serious than a simple push mower, but when you have a significant piece of land to mow, and it is dotted with all kinds of obstacles like trees, shrubs and ornamental features, it is a pain in the neck. Sitting down on the job sounds a bit like taking it too easily but hey, why should you labor when there is a fine machine that can handle the tough yards for you?

The best zero turn lawn mower is one that makes the fewest physical demands of its operator. This is an advanced piece of machinery that uses the same technology as commercial cutting machines but they are designed to provide such a close cut around your ponds, driveway edges, trees and garden beds, which you barely need to trim at all. The best feature about the zero turn lawn mower is that it pivots 180 degrees without leaving behind a section of uncut lawn.

What makes a zero turn lawn mower different?

Typically, a zero turn lawn mower features hydrostatic transmission connecting the two rear wheels. It uses a pressurized fluid to drive the wheel rotation. A rotational force created in the engine drives a pulley-operated pump that applies pressure to the fluid so when you move one of the levers, you are, in effect, commanding the fluid flow through the transmission and the speed or direction of the drive wheel.

When one wheel turns faster than the other, the mower follows a curved path whereas if both turn at the same rate, the mower will follow a straight path. If one wheel halts while the other turns, or if they both turn in opposite directions, the machine will pivot on the spot.

So it may take a little getting used to when you start to operate a zero turn lawn mower but with some experience, you may never go back to the traditional kind.

Certain features will help you determine the best zero turn lawn mower for you and it all depends on what your priorities are. Ease of use is a big selling factor because after all, you are only mowing the lawn, not building a moon rocket.

You want to be able to take a seat, learn the mechanics of it and have your grass cut before sundown. Comfort is also a consideration for some, especially if you have a large property to mow. The noise factor can be an issue and some models are definitely louder than others.

The kind of cut you get from your zero turn lawn mower is important too. You want one that suits the property you are mowing. Too commercialized and could have a chopped lawn; too domesticized and you could have trouble doing the whole job.

Go for a four-wheel design if you want to be able to travel over smooth or uneven terrain. There is less power or more power, good looks and do not-matter looks, smaller, larger and so it goes.

As with most higher-priced purchases, you will need to shop around for a product that suits your requirements so it is a good idea to have your wish list on you when you visit the retailers. Be armed with information about the size of your property, the kind of terrain, how many obstacles there are and any other features you wish to enquire about. That way, you will take home the best zero turn lawn mower for you.