Kids Need a Big Comfy Couch

A big comfy couch is a necessity in any home that has small children. Actually, children of any age can benefit from a big comfy couch. Mom and Dad can have a snuggle on that big comfy couch when the kids are asleep. And the kids can have a snuggle with Mom and Dad when it's story time. (Every home with children needs story time, too!) Videos are great to watch from a big comfy couch as well, and if well-chosen, can be a valuable learning experience for the younger set.

When choosing a big comfy couch for the living room, think about the texture of the upholstery. Many children do not like heavily textured fabrics, thinking of them as "rough." A smoother texture, or even a plush surface, is more likely to be inviting to children. Leather or vinyl uphostery also can feel cold or sticky to bare legs and is not always appropriate for a big comfy couch.

Of course, the uphostery needs to have a protective finish against stains if it's truly to be a spot for the whole family to relax. A dark, patterned surface is also less likely to show stains or soil than a solid light colored upholstery.

Updating Old Couches

If you want a big comfy couch but can't afford a new one, there are things you can do to make your old couch more family-friendly. Consider investing in slip covers that are comfortable but can be slipped off for washing.

Also, pile that couch full of big comfy couch pillows. Throw pillows are available these days in bright happy colors and soft squishy textures that everybody will love. Bed pillows in cute shams make nice throw pillows for that big comfy couch as well.

A basket of books can be kept on the floor or end table near the big comfy couch. Good books to share with kids include visual puzzle books and poetry as well as the standard children's story books. A coffee table is a great place to set a bowl of popcorn for those family movie nights, too.

Don't forget to have a minute to tidy everything up, though, when storytime is over. And don't spend all your time on that big comfy couch unless you want to look like a potato!

With a regular cleaning routine, you're sure to find things under the cushions and chase those dust bunnies out from under that big comfy couch. Get the kids involved and cleaning can be a family game, too, but don't forget to clown around a little on your big comfy couch.