Birch Vs Maple Cabinets

Many homeowners are choosing to renovate their own homes today for a number of reasons. Not only are materials more widely available than they have been before, but so is information that can help homeowners to complete tasks to get their homes just how they want them without spending a fortune to get workmen in.

One of the favourite rooms to overhaul is the kitchen because it is possible to change the layout as well as the fixtures and fittings. However, you have to make some difficult choices if you choose to give your kitchen a facelift. For example, you have to make a choice of cabinet materials.

Which Wood?

The birch vs. maple cabinets argument is a common one today because both woods are a major favourite to use within the home on account of their excellent properties as much as the aesthetic appeal they give. However, the first thing that you may look at is the price.

The choice is weighted towards birch if you are looking for cabinets on a budget because you can purchase birch for up to 80% cheaper than you can purchase maple. Maple is expensive because it is an exclusive wood that is more difficult to produce and of a slightly higher grade.

Although the relative prices for the wood will not mean an 80% price difference in the cabinets, it is worth bearing in mind. Cabinets also include many uniform materials, such as plywood, so this is taken into account when it comes to the price. You will find the birch vs. maple cabinets favours the former in terms of the overall cost though.

However, the properties of the latter are considered to be more desirable. Maple wood is much harder than birch. As such, it is considered to be better value for money because it often lasts much longer than birch when in a high traffic area like the kitchen.

Maple wood is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye in it raw state as well. The grain is much better and tends to highlight the quality of the kitchen as a result. It really does provide a nice finishing touch. However, many argue that visitors do not notice the grain when arguing for birch in the cabinets. This argument has been ongoing for some time so there are many that fall on one side or the other. Birch fans would say that it is strong enough for use in the kitchen and is just as pleasing to the eye as maple.

Your Preference

There is only one person that can decide; the homeowner, and you have to make your own mind up. In fact, if you are to varnish or paint the cabinets then it really does not matter which wood you use. Unless you are going to highlight the grain, many people will not notice the difference between maple and birch.

However, the important element for many people is the cost. Some cabinet prices will not show much of a difference but others will, depending on the amount of maple in the cabinet itself. You have to bear in mind that you have a budget to stick to and you have to make a decision in line with that as well as your own personal preference.