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Bird Feeders

Many people are under the impression that bird feeding is only something that is done in the winter, when the fact is food is still scarce for birds in the spring. Spring is the perfect time to begin bird feeding because of the nice weather. That way, by the time winter rolls around, the birds already know where your bird feeders are.

There are many types of bird feeders, as well as bird feed, and it is important to know exactly what you need in order to get the most bird traffic.

Do your Research

The first thing to do when setting out a bird feeder is a little bit of research, that’s right, research. You need to find out what types of birds are in your area, the kinds of foods they eat, and how they like to eat it. Face it, if you have nasty bird feed, the birds will fly to another yard.

One thing people should remember is that you don’t need an expensive top of the line bird feeder just to spread out some sunflower seeds, you could set a tin pie plate out on the ground. You could punch holes on either side of a Coke bottle and put a stick all the way through for a perch then poke other holes for eating and hang from a tree. Finches are especially fond of this dining style.

Other Simple Feeders

Probably the easiest method ever, put peanut butter on a pine-cone, rolls it in birdseed, and hang from a tree. You could even simply scatter bread crumbs on the ground. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, as long as the food is out there. A creative bird feeder won’t do any good if the birds don’t like the way they have to eat; after all, they all have their preferences.

Nearly all birds are partial to raised feeders, except for doves. A few, like the chickadee, the grackle, the junco, and the dove like ground feeders. Some, like the woodpecker, titmice, and nuthatches prefer tube feeders.

Not only do the bird feeders need to be the right kind, they also need to have the right kind of food inside. If trying to attract black or bluebirds, you would need millet. Peanuts will get you chickadees, doves, grackles, and jays. Just plain sugar water will bring hummingbirdsbuzzing all around.

If you have become interested in or taken up bird watching as a hobby, a bird feeder of some kind is a must have. Birds are like humans in that nothing attracts them better than food. Whether you make one or buy one, a bird feeder will increase the number of birds on your property in no time at all.

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